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Liberate Windows Server 2003 before its End of Life

Featured Article
Featured Article
24th April 2015

Are you ready for July 14th? This is the day that Microsoft has earmarked as End of Life (EOL) for Windows Server 2003. From this date it will not issue any further security updates or critical patches. There are legitimate concerns around this EOL that businesses should be addressing…. Read More

Happy 10th birthday YouTube! The 1st Cloud Computing Success?

23rd April 2015

Can the video hosting platform that has revolutionised how we consume digital content and record our daily lives really have reached its first decade? We are now all broadcasters, showcasing individual talents, comedic moments, our pets and children and everything and anything else we feel the need to record… Read More

Making a Change on Earth Day

22nd April 2015

Today is Earth Day. A day that sits amongst many other designated days where individuals and business alike attempt to demonstrate a common understanding and focus on the ‘issues of the day’. Many of the causes championed by a day are worthy and important, however I am reluctant to… Read More

Mobilegeddon warning as Google search favours mobile

21st April 2015

Mobilegeddon has arrived! From today (April 21) Google has updated its search algorithms to give preference to what’s described as ‘mobile friendliness.’ This means that its search results pages will now favour those websites that have been optimised to work well on mobile devices. As a result, if your… Read More

Record. Backup. Delete: I Believe in Yesterday

31st March 2015

Record. Backup. Delete. I always associate World Back Up Day with music.  Two reasons for this. Firstly the infamous Beatles parody – Yesterday – The Backup Song – that became a viral sensation a few years back but was actually first published in 1999. Written by Sunni Freyer a PR… Read More

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