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The History of Storage and the Challenges of Ever Increasing Data

Featured Article
Featured Article
30th July 2015

The way we store data has changed drastically over the years. From the physical books we stored in libraries; the documents we placed in filing cabinets; to the music we embedded in vinyl records, we have moved to an altogether different method of storage because of the explosion of… Read More

Liberate Windows Server 2003

14th July 2015

Time is up for Windows Server 2003. Today is the day that Microsoft have called End of Life (EOL) for Windows Server 2003. From now it will not issue any further security updates or critical patches. There are legitimate concerns around this EOL that businesses should be addressing. If… Read More

The Leap Second That Will Stop Time

29th June 2015

Tomorrow night, just before the clock strikes midnight, time will stop… literally… for one second. This brief and slightly unusual moment which will delay the arrival of July is because a Leap Second needs to be added to the atomic clocks around the world that control our time. It’s… Read More

Keeping your charity campaign online

23rd June 2015

When a golfer in Florida nominated a relative to do the Ice Bucket Challenge last summer in aid of the little known ALS Association in the US, little did anyone realise that it would spark the biggest viral charity campaign of all time. More than $15 million ended up… Read More

Public Sector Show gives local government chance to progress cloud adoption

22nd June 2015

A move to the cloud is a necessary precursor to the digital transformation of public services. But cloud adoption in the public sector is, as our recent survey shows, subject to a number of challenges. Most of these, however, stem from a lack of knowledge around the real benefits… Read More

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