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Managed Wide Area Network (WAN) services from iomart offer an end-to-end solution for your connectivity, allowing the creation of WANs between locations with different last mile connections.

Combining Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) with an Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN) creates a private tunnel to secure and enclose your entire WAN. The switching protocol speeds traffic via the most efficient route, while the IP-VPN delivers the network needed to transmit highly sensitive information, such as financial data.

Our Managed WAN solution is part of ServiceLink, a comprehensive portfolio of network services from iomart.

Key Features:

  • Managed Service

    We take complete responsibility for the service, from planning through to in-life, including arranging all tail circuits and routing equipment.

  • Optimised Performance

    Actively tuning your network to deliver the performance to match your evolving requirements.

  • Scalable

    Add new sites quickly while keeping control of costs and maintaining network performance.

  • Cost Efficient

    An affordable way to consolidate IT and telecoms traffic.

  • Increased Control

    Centralise control with one set of operating costs and one network to manage.

  • Voice and Video

    Minimise latency and increase network stability for voice and video communications.

What is Managed WAN?

Managed WAN is a solution that connects your UK-based or global sites via a fully managed private network. Managed WAN services are handled by a proactive management team to ensure optimum performance 24/7, offering a real time view of your IT infrastructure’s security, resilience and efficiency.

What is WAN used for?

WAN, or Wide Area Networks, is used to connect two or more sites together so they work as one when it comes to managing internal communications, internet and intranet, and applications. Managed WAN services centralise your company’s sensitive data and removes the need for multiple servers per office space, ultimately simplifying your infrastructure management, reducing costs, and providing a central IT resource for your business to leverage.

What is a Private WAN?

Private WAN is defined as an IP-VPN that utilises MPLS technology to secure sensitive data when transmitted between two or more sites via a private network. The solution is ideal for multi-site businesses that need to share information over a secure, reliable and resilient network, as proactive management ensures a reduced risk of cyber attacks, improves network latency, and lowers infrastructure costs.

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