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End-to-end solutions from business strategy to technology delivery.

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Our highly skilled consultants work with you at a strategic and technical level to deliver solutions to the complex technology challenges you face.

They understand that technology is just part of the answer. Organisational change, internal skills and processes also have a role to play.

iomart has been delivering infrastructure transformation projects for over 20 years, using industry knowledge, agile methods and innovative tools to bring commercial and competitive value to organisations across the private and public sector.

Thanks to our partnerships with the world’s leading hardware, software, cloud and networking suppliers, we offer a completely vendor agnostic service.

We start with your business goals to find the solutions that will achieve them.

  • Requirements

    Sets out the aims of the project.

  • Discovery

    Detailed understanding of your current environment.

  • Low level design

    Detailed refinement of the design.

  • High level design

    Production of the general architecture document.

  • Proof of concept

    End-to-end testing before go live.

  • Deployment

    Implementation of the solution.

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iomart is a £100m+ revenue public limited cloud computing company.

We have been delivering customer excellence in managed services for over 20 years.