Application Strategy

Application Strategy

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When it comes to applications, how they perform, their lifespan and how they are used all need to be considered before a decision is made to replace them or move to Software as a Service.

Certain applications might have different infrastructure dependencies that will affect the way they can be integrated. This will drive the platform choice and key areas such as network and backup services.

Our highly experienced consultants are here to help you at all stages of your transformation journey, from the assessment of your application portfolio to mapping out the key supporting infrastructure and networking requirements.

Key Features:

  • Identification

    We assess and categorise the application - looking at function, age and number of users – and assess the infrastructure and delivery.

  • Dependencies

    We identify the key dependencies and performance characteristics including usage profile and behaviour.

  • Vendor

    We check against vendor recommended practice and discuss the roadmap for new versions including SaaS. We also check if the application is Cloud ready and what the benefits may be.

  • Control

    We understand the required security model, as well as backup and business continuity objectives.

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