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Cloud Enablement

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Public cloud has changed many aspects of IT delivery and the recognised leaders in this field continue to invest heavily in functionality and performance.

The key question is whether Public Cloud is right for your organisation at this point. Sometimes the answer is yes. Sometimes it is “not yet”. This can be based on many things such as application performance or comparing cost models.

We have taken many organisations on the journey to the Public Cloud. For some this is a ‘lift and shift’ to Infrastructure as a Service; for others it involves the migration of a specific application or exploiting the features of a particular cloud platform. Benefits range from gains in performance, to the ability to scale for user demand.

Our aim is to present an independent assessment of what it could look like for your organisation. We assess the operational, commercial, cost and organisational implications as well as the security, data protection and Disaster Recovery considerations, which are often overlooked in these types of projects.

Key Features:

  • Understand

    We look at the operational and management changes that need to be made to use cloud services.

  • Assess

    We uncover the business and IT reasons that are driving the change you want to make.

  • Determine

    We use reviews and SWOT analysis to assess your cloud readiness.

  • Security

    We analyse the implications for security and compliance for your organisation, users and partners.

  • Architect

    We whiteboard scenarios and architectural overviews, to demonstrate what the future state might look like.

  • Create

    The result is an optimal roadmap for cloud adoption through a high level review of which business and IT assets are most suitable for migration.

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