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Dynamic Workplace Recovery

From iomart and Regus

The quickest and easiest way to get back to work in a crisis

More sites and more flexibility than any other provider

With Dynamic Workplace Recovery from iomart and Regus, alternative office space is guaranteed in any emergency. You can choose from a network of locations in the UK and across the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are iomart?

  • As the UK’s most accredited cloud services provider, iomart is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to deliver their cloud and business continuity requirements. We operate to ISO 22301, the international standard for business continuity, specialising in the delivery and management of cloud services including fully managed hosting, backup, disaster recovery and connectivity.
  • We ensure that your data hosted within our highly secure global data centre infrastructure meets all regulatory and governance requirements. Our partnership with Regus now allows us to offer a complete business continuity package tailored to your business needs.

Who are Regus?

  • Regus are the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions with more than 3,000 locations in over 1,000 cities and 120 countries. In a market where scale, proximity and flexibility is key – no one is better placed to provide a facility at your time of need.

What is Regus Dynamic Workplace Recovery?

  • Regus Dynamic Workplace Recovery keeps businesses functioning by offering flexible solutions for the recovery of the customer core teams to the Regus office facilities in an emergency. We offer both a guarantee of access, annual testing and 30 days of recovery each and every year. The mix of flexibility, alongside the scale and number of Regus offices are truly unique in the marketplace.

How is this different to a static site recovery?

  • Static sites are by their very nature fixed with cumbersome (if any) options to recover elsewhere. Regus Dynamic Recovery allows you to recover and name the site ‘at the time of the crisis’, based on the nature of the incident OR uniquely choose a mix of alternate offices (near or far). No one else in the market today provides this flexibility.
  • Static recovery options are also very often over syndicated leading to contention at the time of outage. Regus Dynamic Workplace Recovery and the sheer number of facilities on offer guarantees the recovery of your team and operation. Again, no one else has the scale and capacity to assure you of occupancy at your time of need.

What is included with my annual subscription?

  • Private workplace recovery suite(s) (team office) with high speed internet access and VLAN
  • 30 x free of charge annual invocation days (not limited to single event)
  • 2 x inclusive test days per annum, per position
  • 24/7 declaration line
  • Predefined Invocation Brief
  • Quick Ship PC with set up and imaging
  • Inclusive printing and photocopying (based on fair usage)
  • Managed telephone system & DDIs
  • Discounted on-site meeting room access (local charges apply)
  • Discounted on-site video communication (local charges apply)
  • Access to over 3,000 Regus Business Lounges within your defined market area
  • 1 x Business Lounge cardholder provided for every 10 contracted positions at no additional cost

Will I need to pay a declaration or invocation fee?

  • No – our subscriptions are all inclusive, meaning you can invoke your recovery plan without worrying about a “cost per use” that other providers levy at the time of incident.
  • We will not interrogate nor debate at length the nature of your incident, as subject to a fair use policy the contracted resources can be called upon for convenience (subject to 5/days/pa of the 30-day allowance above).

Can I split the 30 invocation days?

  • Of course – use a couple of days for a power outage, knowing that your remaining 28 days are safe for any incidents later in the year. Invocations may be spread out over multiple events, within your 30 days allowance.

Can I add days on to my initial 30 invocation days?

  • If your incident runs longer than your 30 day allowance, you can pay to keep your office on until you are ready to return to your building. We are happy to agree a pricing in due course and pre-contract

What are you most common customers who use your service?

  • There is not really a common customer profile any longer. For many years it was typically highly regulated finance and insurance customers; but we now have clients from retail, manufacturing, financial services, insurance and more recently professional services such as legal, accounting and consulting firms.
  • This service and the protection it provides to your brand, reputation and revenues is relevant to all clients, large or small, regulated or not.

What is the average time used in days or weeks?

  • Invocation usage can range from days to months depending on the incident or event. The most common invocation is weather, power or communications specific – and thus an average stay would be measured in terms of days but for higher impact events, the stays are often much longer.
  • Last year Regus supported 600+ incidents or almost 2 per day.

What are the options for seat set up and flexibility?

  • All Dynamic clients will be in secure/private or exclusive use offices – not an open plan shared cubicle area. These offices vary in size according to the number of positions contracted.
  • Once a Centre(s) is decided between the client and Regus there is the opportunity to be flexible and work with the client on seating arrangements to accommodate teams being located together and taking into account the number of positions in an office – all with phone and internet connectivity taken into account.

Can I test my workplace recovery plan?

  • Yes, all Regus Dynamic customers have two test days per position per year included in their contract. These can be taken together or separately.

Why shouldn’t I go to Regus direct?

  • By contracting with iomart you have a single point of contact for all of your business continuity requirements with lower total cost of ownership. We ensure minimal downtime and risk of loss by enabling your mission-critical staff get back to work and connected to your IT systems as quickly as possible.

Need more information?

Our expert team are here to help with any questions you have regarding our products or services. Call or email today.

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The Cloud Company with 20:20 Vision

iomart operates to the highest industry standards in order to store and protect your data.

Our management teams work tirelessly to ensure we meet rigorous international standards for information security, business continuity, environmental management and energy management.

  • UK’s Most Accredited Cloud Company
  • Fully Owned and Managed Secure Infrastructure
  • Global Data Centres across the US, Europe, Middle East and SE Asia
  • 100% Uptime Guaranteed
  • High Speed Private Dark Fibre Network
  • 24/7/365 Expert Technical Support
  • Carrier Neutral
  • G-Cloud supplier
  • Scottish Government Hosting Services Framework supplier

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