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Dedicated Servers

No matter the size of your business, our experts can help you to build a secure, dedicated server solution.



Dedicated solutions for all businesses

Our dedicated hosting solutions are affordable, reliable and supported by a team of committed, experienced professionals.

With bespoke and comprehensive solutions as standard, choosing iomart for your dedicated server needs guarantees an optimum compute experience.

Choose from eight, Tier 3, UK data centers
Rapid provisioning and service set-up
Single tenant servers
Secure and certified infrastructure
Highly available platform
24/7/365 support

We are experts in our field

No matter the size of your business, our experts can help you to build a secure, dedicated server solution. Our super-resilient network architecture has been designed to keep your dedicated server available 24/7.

We only use Dell branded hardware to give you the best reliability, value, and, most importantly, safety. Our dedicated servers are housed within secure, dependable data facilities, ensuring a risk-free environment for your data, and all servers from iomart are secured by our custom-built high-availability firewalls.


Versatile Solutions

Our hand-picked server hardware is tested and benchmarked for every generation of technology. We only provide the latest CPUs with fast ECC RAM and the option for SAN storage, and our resilient dual-redundant architecture ensures your server is available 24/7. This is why we can accommodate for horizontally scaling, performance-sensitive applications and databases. When you choose a dedicated server from us, you receive a comprehensive, bespoke solution purpose built for your business, including:

24/7 support

24/7 support by phone and online at our network support centre.


Enterprise-class firewall included with all servers.

Remote reboot

Remote reboot switch to monitor your network and automatically reboot upon failure.


Add console over IP (KVMoIP) to your server for just £5 per month.

5 IP addresses

Five IP addresses as standard, with further IP addresses in line with RIPE justification and IPV6 is also available.

We will only provide what you need

Customer Service and Support

At iomart, we are committed to providing unparalleled customer service. Our UltraSupport™ charter ensures the ongoing provision of professional and capable support from our qualified experts. We understand that the key to providing superior support to our dedicated servers customers is to ensure that every interaction results in a positive and rewarding experience.

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