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CloudScale for CloudSure

Elastic capacity with auto-scalability to cope with variable demands.

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Automatically flex capacity to meet your needs

Range of Packages available

Different use cases require different solutions, and we’ve built that in to our CloudScale service, with a range of three different options to meet any need. Our CloudSure infrastructure is built on the vSphere Hypervisor from VMware, the world’s leading provider of virtualisation technology. CloudScale for CloudSure is made possible with VMware’s new vSphere vMotion solution.

CloudScale Premium

An always-on, unmetered solution. Simply tag your required VMs as CloudScale enabled to have the elastic capacity available 24/7/365. Perfect for highly volatile or spiky services.

CloudScale Standard

An effective mix of prepay and on-demand. A small monthly fee is required to enable CloudScale with a low cost per hour for any additional burst resource used.

CloudScale Pay As You Go

No commit and no monthly fee, a true PAYG model charging you only for the additional resources used, and only when you used them.

Cost Efficient

To avoid downtime due to overloaded infrastructure, traditionally users would have to be configured to handle maximum demand, regardless of how infrequent. Now, simply pay for what you use, when you use it.

Perfect Solution for Variable Traffic

Whether it’s an unexpected spike or predictable events such as sales promotions or event-based shopping peaks (e.g. the Christmas period) with CloudScale your infrastructure can cope.

Storage Scaling available

Leveraging the power of our enterprise class EMC VMAX Storage Arrays which allows on demand scaling between storage and IOPS tiers.

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