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High-performance Tier 1 storage is the foundation of all of our platforms and services. We utilise a wide range of storage technologies but what they all have in common is performance and resilience.

Most of our storage solutions are based on the industry-leading range from Dell Technologies, providing the IOPS to drive the solution at a competitive price.

Our storage solutions range from the top of the range all-flash arrays focussed on performance, through to object storage for resilient long-term storage and archiving.

If you require the IOPS for an eCommerce system, capacity for a file storage system or object storage for long-term retention, we can deliver the right technology to address the need.

Key Features:

  • High performance platforms where IOPS are needed

  • Tier 1 solutions for resilience

  • Scalable as demand grows

  • High capacity for unstructured data

  • Object storage for long term retention

  • Available globally

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