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Virtual Machines

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Our CloudSure platform is an enterprise-grade VM platform based on VMware architecture. It provides a highly resilient, scalable solution that is managed directly from your iomart control panel. The platform scales easily, both horizontally or vertically, and availability zones are located in data centres across the UK and around the world.

CloudSure lets you select the physical specification and operating system for the machines and allows you to control the networking between them. The network can even be extended to other platforms or physical machines across our infrastructure.

VMs can be spun up or down as required and performance and monitoring data is easily available in the control panel.

CloudSure was built from the ground up with Tier 1 components, to be a highly resilient, highly secure platform. In the event that a physical host fails, the VMs affected simply restart on another host.

Billing and usage are shown in your control panel allowing you to easily manage costs.

Key Features:

  • Highly Resilient

  • Easily scale CPU, memory, or storage

  • High-performance enterprise-grade platform

  • Easy management

  • Easy reporting

  • Integration with other platforms

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