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Cloud Network

Global Data Centres connected by our own fibre network. Safe, secure and lightning fast.

Tier 1 architecture

Each one of our data centres is built to the highest standards with the added benefit of zero legacy operating constraints. Whether you require a hybrid cloud solution or a fully managed data suite you can count on us to deliver.

Business uptime in the Cloud is simply about engineering the end to end hosting process without a Single Point of Failure. And you can only engineer and manage this if you own the end the end process – from domain to data centre.

Owning our own infrastructure enables us to innovate. We are investing heavily in new services such as multi site cloud back up and real time data disaster recovery services , and in ensuring that we provide action, and thought leadership, in important industry areas such as reducing our operating impact on the environment.

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A cloud that is owned, operated and managed 24x7 by us

The cloud isn’t some amorphous mystical entity. It’s real and it resides somewhere. It needs housing, it needs storing and it needs lightning fast connectivity to access it.  Our Cloud resides in 8 UK and 6 International data centres all connected via our fibre network, and managed 24 x7.  iomart’s wholly owned and purpose-built global network of data centres is integral to everything we do. By directly managing our own facilities we are not reliant on third parties and can therefore offer exceptional service – for which we are solely accountable.

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