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For your convenience, iomart offers several easy ways to pay your account. Please see details below.

Your payment options

Select your payment option from the choices below. If you need help or further assistance please contact us.


We accept any possible method of electronic payment method, and therefore find it unnecessary to send or receive cheques. They take time to clear, and they need to be sent in the post.

If you can’t pay by any of the automated methods listed above, and must send a cheque, please note that a cheque processing charge of £5 will be added to you account for any cheques received to cover the processing and lodging costs.

Refund Policy

All sales are final and no refunds will be given. After the end of the initial contract period, services can be terminated by giving the appropriate notice period per the T&Cs of your contract. Please contact your iomart account manager for more information should you require it.

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