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What we do

We’ve partnered with industry leading, security experts, e2e-assure, to protect your business 24/7 with our Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Our security service combines e2e-assure’s industry leading, independent cyber security expertise and threat hunting experience with our proactive managed service capability.

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What is iomart Security?

A Security Operations Centre (also known as a SOC) is a team of security experts who continuously monitor your systems and respond to any indicators of attack or compromise.

Our SOC helps you keep up to speed with the ever-changing complex world of cyber security. We’ll work alongside your business to strengthen your security posture, protecting you against any security risks you face now, and anticipate those you might face in the future.

That’s iomart Security.

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How do we deliver our SOC?

Our security service combines e2e-assure’s independent cyber security expertise and threat hunting experience with our proactive managed service capability. For more than two decades iomart has been designing and managing secure infrastructure for government agencies, military, telcos, and payment providers. This formidable partnership offers a SOC service with exceptional monitoring and incident response with unparalleled real-time analysis of your security posture. So you always have an accurate view of your risk profile and peace of mind that your security is being taken care of.

We have three managed SOC options available

  • Essential Security Operations Centre – Our entry level multitenant SOC includes 24/7 monitoring and ‘out of the box’ use cases to detect threats to your business.
  • Enhanced Security Operations Centre – All the functionality of our Essential SOC along with longer log retention, threat hunting and a customer portal included so you have full visibility of what’s going on.
  • Enterprise Security Operations Centre – All the functionality of our Essential and Enhanced SOC along with a complete range of deployment options, tailored threat workshops, and discovery exercises to give you full business context.
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What makes up iomart security?

Security monitoring

Cumulo is e2e-assure’s in-house built and maintained SOC platform. It’s what we use to deliver our SOC Services. It allows our analysts to see network activity and spot anomalous behaviour which allows us to track and manage any issues that do appear.

Threat hunting

We’ll carry out pro-active threat hunting on your behalf, testing your security infrastructure and making recommendations to improve your overall posture. Periodically we also use a ‘swarming’ technique which brings together a range of specialist resources from our security team, on-boarding, and cyber consultants to perform a fundamental review of the monitoring capability to ensure we aren’t missing anything.

Endpoint detection and response

With our monitored EDR service, our analysts monitor your setup, 24/7, using their expert knowledge and unique processes. We can then fully investigate alerts and provide comprehensive remediation guidance.

External vulnerability scanning

We’ll perform regular health checks of all your externally visible domains and IP addresses. This means we can see whether they are secure, vulnerable or compromised.

Threat Intelligence

Our security experts use threat intelligence to enhance anomaly detection. This threat intelligence is gathered by our SOC from both open and commercial sources, including external IP address and domain name reputational assessment (i.e. Indicators of compromise), deep and dark web, threat briefs and threat intelligence signatures.

Cyber security incident response

The CSIR team is responsible for the validation, investigation, remediation or coordination of security incidents, depending on the specific circumstances. When you raise a security incident, the iomart service desk will engage with the CSIR team who will review the alert information and decide what additional action is required.

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We’ll help you decide exactly what you need

We provide all the training and information you need to make an informed decision. Working with iomart means you will have access to some of the most experienced security experts in the UK. They’ll guide you, step by step, to develop a more robust security posture for your business.

We can also help to navigate the hurdles traditionally associated with having to recruit and train your own internal security operations team. In other words, we provide a cost effective solution to a very common challenge.

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Peace of mind

We manage everything end to end. So that means no more security alerts interrupting your day (or night). Our experts proactively respond to alerts and tackle vulnerabilities as soon as they are identified. So you can focus on running your business (and finally get a good night’s sleep).

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You won't waste a penny

Our solution leverages your existing investment in security products meaning nothing is wasted. But security tools are only as effective as those configuring and managing them. Our expertise will ensure all of your tools are doing what they should do without you having to worry about managing them on a day to day basis.

We’ll work with you to develop a solution that works for your business, no matter what infrastructure or expertise you already have in place.

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Insurance compliant

We can provide your infrastructure with a clean bill of health and our ongoing protective monitoring supports the acquisition of cyber insurance and can even assist with reducing your premiums.

You just relax, we make it work.

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Keeping your business secure 24/7

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Actively hunting down the threats that could harm your business

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Our service protects and grows with your business

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We are an AIM-listed cloud computing and IT managed services business providing hybrid cloud infrastructure, network connectivity and digital workplace capability. Now, that’s quite a mouthful, but our mission is simple: to make you unstoppable by enabling you to connect, secure and scale anywhere, anytime.

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