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Managed Security Service

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Our Managed Security Service encompasses round-the-clock network monitoring, vulnerability management and data loss prevention to proactively secure your organisation against external and internal threats.

As an accredited Managed Security Service Provider, we monitor, correlate, and analyse every potential cyber security threat via our Security Information and Event Management system.

When a potential threat to your network security is detected, immediate action is taken to halt the attack or prevent a vulnerability being exploited. Our Managed Security experts will work with you 24/7 to quickly implement corrective action and keep your business secure.

Advantages of a Managed Security Service

Our Managed Security Service alleviates the pressure of day-to-day monitoring and managing IT security for your business, offering you a team of highly qualified experts who provide threat detection, cyber threat intelligence and visibility of advanced threats that could compromise your network security.

Allowing a qualified service provider to analyse activity across your IT estate with a dedicated focus can expose and rectify weaknesses that if left undetected, may leave you vulnerable to malicious activity.

Ensure your organisation is fully protected by outsourcing the necessary expertise and technical resources needed to manage and react quickly to threats and ensure regulatory compliance.

Professional threat monitoring and management from a Managed Service Provider ensures the internal and external scans of your network assets are accurate and informative, and provides truly actionable results that can be critical within highly regulated industries.

Does my business need a Managed Security Service?

Amidst an increasing reliance on the cloud, working with a Managed Security Service Provider can be transformative for organisations seeking an enhanced understanding and awareness of emerging cyber threats and security compliance.

Both small enterprises and large organisations can benefit from a cyber security service that addresses the challenges of IT infrastructure scale and volume, and offers cloud solutions that prioritise data protection, asset management and cost-effective compliance.

Round-the-clock, reliable and proactive threat hunting conducted by security specialists is crucial to minimising the business risks that could stem from the misconfiguration of systems, poorly managed firewalls and lack of in-house security expertise.

If you feel your business would benefit from effective advanced threat prevention and detection, effective incident response and pro-active monitoring, contact us today for more information.

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