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Actively protecting your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What we do

We’ve partnered with industry leading, security experts, e2e-assure, to protect your business 24/7 with our Security Operations Centre (SOC).

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What is iomart Security?

Imagine a control room full of screens. And in front of those screens are the most elite security analysts in the world. They all have NPPV3 (Non-Police Personnel Vetting Level 3) and are UK SC (Security Cleared). So they really are as safe as they come.

They’re responding to alerts around the clock, while actively hunting for threats before they’re anywhere near your business. Then we pick up those alerts and work with you to eliminate any vulnerabilities that might exist. We do this so you don’t have to worry about it.

That’s iomart Security.

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Threat Hunting

The threat landscape is constantly changing. Cyber security is now a complex and dark economy, driven by groups of highly organised hackers. In the UK the average ransom for stolen data is £1.3 million1. Not to mention the cost of reputational damage and stolen intellectual property.

Global cyber intrusion jumped in the first half of 2021 by 125%2. While cyber insurance premiums have increased by as much as 100%3. With insurers now looking for proof of an existing clean environment and good cyber hygiene.

There's also a growing recognition that security tools alone aren't enough – they're more powerful in the hands of a trained operator. Bringing that level of expertise in-house can be difficult and expensive to manage. The bill for 24/7 in house security coverage would start around £300,000 per year. So we designed a solution that provides peace of mind and value for money.

We take your security seriously and that’s why we don’t just act when these threats appear at your virtual doorstep. We actively hunt them down. We make sure they’re not even given the opportunity to cause you harm.

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Complete Transparency

We want you to know everything that’s going on when it comes to your cyber security. Through your own dedicated portal you can see exactly what the Security Operations team does to protect you. From actively hunting threats and patching weaknesses, to stopping hackers in their tracks.

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Peace of mind

We manage everything end to end. So that means no more security alerts interrupting your day (or night). Our experts proactively respond to alerts and tackle vulnerabilities as soon as they are identified. So you can focus on running your business (and finally get a good night’s sleep).

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Easy to use

Say goodbye to navigating a patchwork of security solutions with different portals, vendors and platforms. Our partnership makes sure that, when it comes to cyber security, everything is taken care of. e2e-assure use their expertise in threat hunting to detect elements that might harm your business. And we use our understanding of your business to make sure the response is fast, effective and just works.

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Simple billing

We don’t charge using the old fashioned events per second model. We just charge a standard, flat rate each month. That means you don’t need to worry about high bills at times of increased risk that are totally out of your control (like Black Friday for example).

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With iomart Security you get the best of both worlds. You get e2e-assure’s security cleared cyber analysts working alongside iomart’s own cyber security response team. So, when e2e-assure’s system makes security recommendations, our internal experts action those for you.

We work together to protect your business 24/7. Allowing you to get on with what matters most – running your business.

You just relax, we make it work.

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Keeping your business secure 24/7

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Actively hunting down the threats that could harm your business

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Our service protects and grows with your business

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We are an AIM-listed cloud computing and IT managed services business providing hybrid cloud infrastructure, network connectivity and digital workplace capability. Now, that’s quite a mouthful, but our mission is simple: to make you unstoppable by enabling you to connect, secure and scale anywhere, anytime.

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