Abnormal Access Protection

Abnormal Access Protection

Protects from unauthorised system or resource access.

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Secure systems rely on resources being accessed by properly authenticated staff and by services with the appropriate level of permission.

When resources are attacked using compromised accounts, or when attempts are made to compromise accounts, it is vital to know what that normal access and behaviour looks like. This allows the system to pinpoint the suspicious activity and take immediate action.

Many of the most serious attacks start with the compromise of a system account. The attacker sits quietly within your system waiting for the opportunity to strike. This is particularly dangerous when the access is to a privileged administrator account.

Our Managed Security Service provides authentication monitoring so attacks can be prevented, or stopped before their payload is detonated

Key Features:

  • Monitor Normal Account Usage

    Creates a record of normal account usage, showing the systems and resources that an account normally accesses, and when it accesses them.

  • Create Account Usage Baseline

    Creates a database of account usage containing information such as login time, login source and resources accessed.

  • Monitor Source of Login

    Records the source of each login to create a view of what is normal for that account.

  • Monitor Failed Authentication Attempts

    Monitors failed attempts at authentication. Repeated failures may indicate an attack is in progress.

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