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AI Security

Self-learns the network to provide additional protection.

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Built on a self-learning security platform our Managed Security Service detects anomalous behaviour on the network.

The technology does not rely on prior assumptions of what ‘bad’ looks like. Instead it intelligently builds a sense of ‘self’ for the network. It learns from overall activity to understand when servers are behaving abnormally in comparison to other similar devices.

Traditional approaches to cybersecurity rely on rules and signatures to prevent known attacks from bypassing the network perimeter. The AI-driven approach of our Managed Security Service ensures that we can combat zero day threats that look unlike anything seen before.

Key Features:

  • Simple to install, sits in parallel with your firewall reading mirrored traffic.

  • Learns what normal behaviour is across your organisation’s infrastructure.

  • Flags unusual behaviour that doesn’t fit the type of activity you would expect to see.

  • Provides protection against unauthorised intrusion, unauthorised resource access and data loss.

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