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AI Security

Self-learns the network to provide additional protection.

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Built on a self-learning network, our Managed Security Service is designed to provide additional protection against security breaches through the detection of any anomalous behaviour.

Our security system will learn what is classed as normal network activity in order to gain a better understanding of when servers are experiencing anomalous behaviour.

This approach relies on AI-driven technology to ensure that your system is protected against known and unknown threats. While traditional approaches to cybersecurity rely on rules and signatures to prevent known attacks, our AI-driven approach ensures that we can combat zero day threats and unknown computer security vulnerabilities - unlike any other cybersecurity service available.

Key Features:

  • Simple to install, sits in parallel with your firewall reading mirrored traffic.

  • Learns what normal behaviour is across your organisation’s infrastructure.

  • Flags unusual behaviour that doesn’t fit the type of activity you would expect to see.

  • Provides protection against unauthorised intrusion, unauthorised resource access and data loss.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI Security?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined as machines carrying out ‘smart’ tasks independent of human guidance. AI security involves leveraging this AI to identify and stop cyber attacks. This means it requires less human intervention than is typically required with older processes.

AI tools achieve this by observing the behaviour of all facets within the system, allowing for the identification and learning of what constitutes a potential security breach. This method of AI self-learning is often referred to as ‘unsupervised learning’ or ‘pattern of life’ and ensures that minimal human intervention is required when protecting your network.

What are some of AI security’s application areas?

AI security is extremely versatile, meaning it can be applied to almost any business that operates on their own internal server network - regardless of which sector they are in. However, AI can benefit some organisations more than others, especially those that handle a wide breadth of confidential data. This includes businesses within Healthcare, Finance, Data Security and Travel.

As well as proving crucial for vulnerability management, breach threat identification and data centre monitoring, AI security is beneficial for security screening, other aspects of crime prevention and mobile endpoint analysis. Essentially, any application that hinges on reducing threat response time may benefit from an AI security service.

Why is AI cybersecurity important and will continue to be an important area in the future?

AI cybersecurity has been shaping the future of security breach prevention for some time, as it becomes an increasingly more important part of organisations’ cybersecurity protection systems. Ensuring you invest in the most effective cybersecurity protection is vital in saving both time and money, as well as staying ahead of potential threats. Unlike traditional cybersecurity solutions, AI will continue to learn about new threats to your system, meaning you can stay responsive against increasingly more advanced breach attempts.

What are the benefits of having a managed security service like iomart that uses AI Security?

Implementing a Managed Security Service - like the one we offer at iomart - means our AI can learn what your organisations’ normal network activity looks like and respond to anomalies accordingly. This provides constant protection against any threat or potential security breach. As well as being one of the most advanced cybersecurity protection services available, our system is simple to install and manage.

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