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Application Defence

Provides protection for web facing applications. Monitors files and configurations.

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The huge variety of applications mean that fully securing an application platform can be challenging. To secure a platform you must fully understand the hardware, software and application stack, and what versions of each are running and what vulnerabilities each of them has.

In addition, where an application is interfacing to a non-secure system such as the internet, a clear understanding of all approved traffic - its source, destination and format - is essential.

Our Managed Security Service protects key applications in a number of ways. It ensures that any specific version-related vulnerabilities are identified so mitigation can be scheduled. It monitors key applications to ensure that if they are attacked, action is taken before any compromise takes place. By maintaining the rules and configurations that protect your applications, we protect them from current threats

Key Features:

  • Web Application Firewall

    Applies a set of rules to all WAF traffic to detect common attacks such a cross scripting and SQL injection and modifies the rules as attacks evolve.

  • Application and OS Patch Levels

    Maintains a database of applications, components and operating systems and cross-references with new vulnerabilities as they are identified.

  • Unusual Application Performance and Activity

    Monitors changes in application performance and activity to indicate if there has been a compromise or an attack is underway.

  • Application Configuration Protection

    Monitors important files and directories to highlight any changes to configuration settings of applications or services.

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