Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Monitors key resource access and blocks suspicious connections, ensuring access is restricted to authorised users.

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Data loss prevention (DLP) is a crucial process that ensures sensitive data is protected against theft by criminals that look to steal credit card data, customer details and intellectual property. The result of information theft can have serious repercussions

Our Managed Security Service helps prevent and detect information theft by monitoring key resources and ensuring that access is restricted to authorised users. It also highlights unusual internal user behaviour, which may indicate inappropriate or unauthorised access to sensitive data.

Key Features:

  • Monitors Connections to Third Party Sites

    Checks connections to third party IP addresses or websites and blocks unusual destinations.

  • Monitors Internal Connections

    Flags up any attempts being made to connect to unauthorised systems or resources from internal systems.

  • Monitors Access to Resources

    Flags up any attempts being made to access systems and resources.

  • Monitors Authentication

    Highlights attempts to gain access to authorised data from an account without appropriate permissions or a valid account that is trying to access the resource from an unusual location or at an unusual time.

What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a series of processes and tools designed to detect and prevent data breaches or unauthorised access to sensitive data. Businesses rely on DLP to secure their data, comply with security regulations and protect key resources against data loss and leakages. Without an adequate DLP solution, businesses may be exposed to malicious threats such as phishing, malware or code injection which leaves highly sensitive data vulnerable to theft.

This theft could have severe reputational and financial consequences on an organisation as many leaks occur as a result of employee error, and could result in substantial fines due to compliance concerns if the breach involves personal information.

How does data leak prevention work?

Data leak prevention works by combining security tools with comprehensive processes to defend against data breaches, loss and leakage. The software monitors network activity and communications to detect potential data breaches, alert teams to their occurrence and block attacks to protect data. This may include intrusion detection and prevention systems and firewalls to monitor access to key software, as well as responsive antivirus software to protect sensitive systems and applications.

Why do I need DLP?

Data loss prevention is paramount to a business’ data security as it works to protect sensitive systems against data loss that may prove otherwise detrimental. It solves three main business concerns: personal information protection and compliance, data visibility and intellectual property (IP) security.

  • Protection and compliance.

    Data protection and compliance refers to the legal requirements around securing sensitive data against theft, in line with GDPR processes and regulations. For organisations with key compliance concerns, such as those in the finance sector or that handle a breadth of highly sensitive information, DLP is essential to identify, categorise and manage sensitive data and its related activities in order to flag any suspicious anomalies.

  • Data visibility.

    For organisations that handle a wide breadth of information or are looking to expand data handling, a DLP solution is ideal in helping personnel monitor and track endpoint data, networks and the cloud. This allows for increased visibility around employee interactions, insider threats and wider user behaviour analysis.

  • Intellectual property security.

    DLP solutions can also work to protect critical intellectual property and highly sensitive data that could significantly impact an organisation’s operations, finances and reputation if compromised. This is achieved via context-based classification that automates the labelling of data as sensitive and ensures appropriate security measures are in place to protect it.

What are the benefits of having a managed security service like iomart for DLP?

One key benefit of utilising a Managed Security Service provider is that you can access accurate and up to date information across your IT network, applications and assets without having to monitor and manage it internally. Data compliance management is taken care of, allowing you to redirect your internal resource and IT costs to other focus areas.

Our Managed Security Service is handled by our team of experts, is scalable in line with your requirements, and utilises advanced technologies to mitigate risk - ensuring that you get the best solution for your business 24/7/365.

Types of DLP technologies

Data loss prevention services utilise various technologies in line with different business implementation requirements. These include:

  • Endpoint systems.

    These run on internal end-user servers and can address both internal and external communications. Common applications include controlling email and instant messaging communications, as well as monitoring and controlling access to physical devices like mobile phones.

  • Data identification.

    DLP allows for the identification and classification of confidential or sensitive information to ensure it follows structured formats for ease.

  • Data at rest.

    This refers specifically to data that is static, such as data stored in a database and is therefore vulnerable to breaches. DLP services utilise access control, data encryption and retention methods to prevent theft.

  • Data in use.

    DLP also protects the data that is currently being interacted with by users to monitor and flag any unauthorised activity, which could include screen capturing sensitive information and copying confidential data.

  • Data in motion.

    This refers to the data that is traversing through a network to an endpoint and that may be left vulnerable to hacking. DLP systems protect in-motion data by monitoring network activity for any suspicious activity.

iomart’s expert consultants provide support

Our world-class Managed Security Service benefits from the most up-to-date technologies and technical expertise to help you design and implement a secure solution that works for your business. Our experienced consultants are highly skilled experts in modern technology solutions, security and network, and can also provide managed support upon the completion of a project to ensure your organisation stays secure.

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