Data Loss Prevention

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Data Loss Prevention

Monitors key resource access and blocks suspicious connections, ensuring access is restricted to authorised users.

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Criminals want information. They steal credit card data, customer details and intellectual property. The result of information theft can be catastrophic. It affects reputation, revenue and, if it involves personally identifiable information, it could lead to a substantial fine under data protection regulations.

Our Managed Security Service helps prevent and detect information theft by monitoring key resources and ensuring that access is restricted to authorised users. It also highlights unusual internal user behaviour, which may indicate inappropriate or unauthorised access to data.

Key Features:

  • Monitors Connections to Third Party Sites

    Checks connections to third party IP addresses or websites and blocks unusual destinations.

  • Monitors Internal Connections

    Flags up any attempts being made to connect to unauthorised systems or resources from internal systems.

  • Monitors Access to Resources

    Flags up any attempts being made to access systems and resources.

  • Monitors Authentication

    Highlights attempts to gain access to authorised data from an account without appropriate permissions or a valid account that is trying to access the resource from an unusual location or at an unusual time.

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