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Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Detects abnormal communications and ensures communication policies are being followed.

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Effective intrusion detection and prevention is key to any secure environment. This is achieved using a range of different technologies depending on the use case.

The aim is to establish what is “normal” for a particular environment so you can then detect and scrutinise any deviations.

Our Managed Security Service supports both Intrusion Protection and Intrusion Detection using technologies ranging from Next Generation Firewalls through to Artificial Intelligence to alert you to unusual network activity or connections to potentially dangerous online content.

Key Features:

  • Intrusion Prevention

    Checks that communication policies are properly enforced and IP systems are correctly configured to block access to dangerous websites and content. Analyses packets and protocols for indications of known malware attacks.

  • Intrusion Detection

    Creates a baseline of normal communication activity for protocols, sources, endpoints, user accounts, access times, data volumes, etc., so significant deviations from the norm can be detected.

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