Malware Protection

Malware and Ransomware Protection

Protects endpoints, communications, storage and backups from malicious activity.

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Installing the correct malware and ransomware protection is crucial in preventing targeted and complex attacks that pose significant threats to most organisations.

Malware and ransomware attacks are notoriously difficult to prevent as they are carried out by professional cyber criminals who gain access to your infrastructure, and once inside, look for vulnerabilities to exploit. Once enough time has elapsed for the infiltration to go undetected, these criminals execute the payload, which will delete files or backups, encrypt file systems or copy data offsite. Even if it has not been deleted, restoring from a backup can be difficult - the malware could be restored and the cycle continues.

These attacks can have significant financial and reputational repercussions, so it is crucial to constantly monitor all aspects of your corporate network in order to prevent attacks. Our Managed Security Service actively monitors key factors to give early warning that an attempt is being made to compromise the system, allowing decisive action to be taken before the malware takes hold.

Key Features:

  • Malware Detection

    Monitors your anti-virus to ensure that virus definitions are up-to-date on all systems and the anti-virus agent is active.

  • File/Object Monitoring

    Monitors file system and objects to detect inappropriate access or usage, or high rates of change.

  • Privileged User Monitoring

    Continually checks that user accounts are only accessing areas or systems that they are allowed to.

  • Systems and Process Usage Monitoring

    Flags up unusual sustained activity on systems, services and processes.

  • External Connection Monitoring

    Monitors for unusual connections that indicate malware is being downloaded or is connecting out to get instructions or to pass back data.

  • Internal Connection Monitoring

    Flags unusual internal connections that indicate that the system has been compromised or an attack is being launched.

What is a Malware?

Malware, or malicious software, refers to any software that is specifically designed to damage a computer, server or network intentionally. The most common form of malware is a computer virus, while other types include worms, Trojan horses, ransomware and spyware. Any software is considered malware if it covertly acts against the interests of a user - even if done so unintentionally - and if it exploits security vulnerabilities with malicious intent.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts a user’s files, before demanding a ransom from the victim to restore access to the corrupted data. This can also include threatening to publish, leak or permanently restrict access to the compromised data unless a ransom is paid. Simpler versions of ransomware that block user access can be more easily reversed than other more advanced variants.

Why does a business need a Malware and Ransomware Protection

An organisation requires adequate malware and ransomware protection as attacks of that nature are happening more and more frequently via increasingly sophisticated methods. Businesses of all sizes can be extremely vulnerable to tailored attacks that will expose their security vulnerabilities and can be extremely difficult to reverse - without the right anti-malware protection software in place. Being the victim of an advanced malware attack not only exposes your business critical data, but it could leave your computers, servers and corporate network in need of extensive and costly repair. Depending on the data requirements of your organisation, you could also be required to pay expensive compliance fines, which in turn will have significant reputational implications.

What are the benefits of having a Managed Security Service like iomart for Malware Detection?

In order to keep your data secure, it is essential to utilise malware and ransomware protection as part of a wider Managed Security Service, like the one we provide at iomart. Implementing a Managed Security Service is the best protection against malware and ransomware attacks, as well as other security concerns like access authentication, software management and data protection. Our service provides complete monitoring of your company’s file systems, internal/ external connections, systems and process usage and privileged user activity, ensuring that attackers don’t find a way in.

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