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Multi-Factor Authentication

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Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA, is a core component of any strong identity and access management policy. That is because using a password and username is not the most secure way to log into your company accounts, as a hacker could easily compromise multiple accounts by cracking a password that is used across more than one profile.

Multi-Factor Authentication protects your business network by asking for an additional source of validation - such as a phone or token - to validate a user’s identity before granting access. This electronic authentication is sometimes referred to as 2FA or two-factor authentication as it requires at least two credentials before allowing users secure access to a corporate account, network or application.

As an integral part of an effective multi-layered approach to security, the main types of MFA are based on information that users should know, such as a password, code or PIN, hardware token or mobile, or biometric authentication like a voice or fingerprint. This extra verification enhances an organisation’s security as it reduces the risk of costly cyberattacks.

Key Features:

  • Modernises authentication

    Eliminates passwords and enables dynamic workforces with multi-factor authentication and a variety of frictionless authentication methods. The choice is yours.

  • Unifies authentication and credential management

    Introduces a centralised and consistent approach to managing user access to corporate resources, from any device, inside or outside your network.

  • Simplifies risk-based access decisions

    Automates access decisions based on user-associated risks (physical location, application sensitivity, device type and other factors) evaluated in real time.

  • Supports cloud-driven digital initiatives

    Protects access to leading SaaS applications, promotes cloud security and helps you make a smooth transition to the cloud—when you’re ready.

Why does a business need a Multi-Factor Authentication Solution

Multi-Factor Authentication solutions work to improve business security by limiting user access to key networks, applications and accounts. Without MFA, usernames and passwords are inherently vulnerable to attack - particularly if they are used across multiple accounts. With MFA, attackers have to hack an additional component before successfully breaking in which allows extra time for breach identification and management.

As a pivotal part of any corporate security solution, each additional requirement for verification confirms that a user is who they say they are, and ensures only authorised access is granted. Without an effective security solution, businesses of all sizes are left vulnerable to cyberattack, which could see previously secure data at significant risk of a breach. This has key financial, reputational and compliance implications.

What are the benefits of having a managed security service like iomart for MFA?

The main benefit of utilising a Managed Security Service from iomart is that while MFA is key, using two-factor authentication is most effective when used alongside other measures that work to keep business critical data secure. At iomart, our Managed Security Service includes 24/7 network monitoring, data loss prevention and authentication solutions to proactively secure your organisation and reduce the risk of threats.

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