Vulnerability Scanning

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Vulnerability Scanning

Identifies any deviation from the norm.

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Attackers are constantly looking for new vulnerabilities in software and systems as each new release or version appears.

A system that is perfectly secure one day can be vulnerable the next. To deal with the threat, you have to understand the versions of all software and services in your stack and cross-reference them with the latest threat information.

Vulnerability scanning has a number of key components. It identifies deviations from the known safe state and maintains an up-to-date database of threats that it cross references with the platform being protected. Our Managed Security Service ensures that as soon as a threat is identified, immediate and appropriate action is taken.

Key Features:

  • Enforces Baseline Port Policy

    Ensures port policies are enforced and monitored and that only necessary ports are open.

  • Detects Anomalous Services

    Flags up changes to running services that indicate that a platform has been compromised.

  • Detects Insecure Communication

    Continually checks that communication protocols are secure.

  • Detects Unpatched Systems, Applications or Devices

    Identifies vulnerable components quickly so appropriate mitigation can be put in place.

  • Updates Vulnerability Feeds

    Maintains an up-to-date list of vulnerabilities and correlates it with the systems, applications and devices being protected.

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