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Data analytics without limits

Packed with powerful features for harnessing the value from all your data, Vertica is the high-performance SQL analytics database trusted by the most cutting edge data-driven enterprises to transform customer engagement, fraud detection, network analysis and more.

Why choose Vertica through iomart? As a managed service, we offer:

Free proof of concepts
A solution at up to half the cost of AWS
Flexible licensing (capex or opex)
Fully managed offering


A guarantee of the lowest pricing possible to run Vertica,

indicative cost is 50% of AWS infrastructure

Licenses can be rolled into the monthly contract costs,

avoiding upfront capex barrier

Additional nodes available upon-demand,

providing scalable environments for variable workloads

Free hot-spare infrastructure for immediate recovery,

guaranteeing that hardware faults will not impact platform capacity or availability

Free migration and testing periods,

so costs are only incurred once fully operational


Fully certified reference architecture,

with the ability to customize components for maximum performance

Uncontended 10G back-end network as standard,

delivering guaranteed cluster performance

Unlimited bandwidth to and from the platform,

no hidden costs for data transfers

Fully managed infrastructure with 100% uptime,

providing instant replacements for infrastructure without engaging any vendor support teams

Hosted in the most highly accredited facilities in the UK,

with ISO 27001, 9001, 20000, 14001, 50001, 27018, 27032, 17789, 38505 applicable


Private transit data link to customer premises,

to extend customer’s corporate network and have Vertica as an extension of their internal infrastructure

High-speed, low-latency public cloud links,

to connect Vertica platform to existing or planned public cloud environments

Multi-site, geographic redundancy options,

allowing for backup and recovery, and business continuity planning

Fully managed Vertica support package,

with custom SLAs based on ITIL practices for incident severity

Free proof of concept environment,

to trial Vertica prior to adoption