Their place, our place, or your place?

You choose the best cloud service for you

Where you store your data and run your applications is up to you. You can keep it at their place (also known as Public Cloud), our place (iomart Cloud), your place (On Premise), or a tailored combination as you need – Hybrid Cloud.

Whatever your business needs to stay connected, to be secure, and to scale, we’ll help you find the perfect home for your data and applications with our range of cloud services

Your data and applications, safely in our hands

You can sit back, relax, knowing we’ll do all the hard work to keep your cloud infrastructure running smoothly so you can focus on what’s important to you 


We’ll make sure you have the right cloud for the right data and applications. So your teams can connect to whatever they need, wherever they might be.


Security is a core part of our cloud services. It’s at the heart of everything we do. So your cloud platforms are secure from day Zero.


Businesses rarely stand still for long. If (or when) your business grows, your cloud can easily grow with you.

Will Public Cloud be a good fit for you? Yes, if…

Your business needs change from time to time.

If your cloud service needs are likely to chop and change (like the number of users you’ll need.) Or your business ebbs and flows seasonally (busy Black Fridays for example) then public cloud services will likely suit you. You’ll only pay for what you use, and it can flex and grow with you.

You need to get going in minutes.

There’s no hardware to set up. The cloud already exists and is just waiting for you to turn up. With public cloud it’s a click of the fingers.

You want all the latest infrastructure and technology mod cons.

Microsoft take care of all the underlying infrastructure and your iomart service team can manage it for you. Meaning you get access to a platform that you can trust is always updated with the latest and greatest technology.

Will iomart Cloud (private cloud) be a good fit for you?

We’ll help unpick the four iomart cloud options (and which one could be perfect for your business.)

Virtual Cloud – the right match for:

Whether you need a large or a small resource environment, our multi-tenant virtual cloud utilises VMware vCloud Director to bring you the latest advancements in cloud technology. And delivers a level of control, self-service capability and scalability that you’d normally expect with the public cloud (but at a lower price). It’s great for businesses that develop and sell lots of different products or services but need some place to store them. Maybe you sell apps, offer e-commerce, or host websites where each of your customers need their own dedicated cloud resources.

Standard Private Cloud – the right match for:

If you need extremely high performance, matched by availability, where no-one else is competing for the same cloud resource, Standard Private Cloud would likely hit the spot for you. The power behind your business’s success will belong to you, and you alone. Legal and financial businesses often pick Private Cloud because they have to toe the line with strict data regulations. If they’re audited and need evidence that their data isn’t accessible to anyone else, they’ll have it here.

Dedicated Private Cloud – the right match for:

If you want the performance and availability of a Private Cloud, but also want it completely bespoke and dedicated to you, look no further than a Dedicated Private Cloud. Unlike our other iomart cloud options it can be deployed to any of our supported locations around the globe. With Dedicated Private Cloud, you’ll rule over your data. It’ll meet all compliance and data security requirements for your customers, and regulators. It’s a natural choice for security conscious organisations like the police, public and health services, the government.

Will On Premise be a good fit for you?

If you need your data close to your people, this’ll work for you. For example, say you’ve 100 software developers in a city office. They all need virtual desktops that’ll process huge volumes of data with minimal delay. And you have space in the office for a small-scale data centre. We’ll jump in and install the right cloud infrastructure in that space.  

It’s great for businesses that have the security, power, and cooling they need to keep everything running smoothly. If something goes wrong with the on-site services, our partners will help you get it back up and running.  

Will Hybrid Could be a good fit for you?

If you do a bit of everything, the answer is probably yes.  

You might have to meet compliance requirements and have your data audited, so you’ll need some of your data in a Private Cloud. But your business might also use SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), like Salesforce, where you’re comfortable having some of your data stored over the internet on a Public Cloud. So, if you need a bit of both when it comes to cloud services, where the private and public clouds will speak to each other, and easily move data between them, a hybrid cloud will be just right.

Find out more about colocation

Will Colocation be a good fit for you?

If you need your data hosted in a UK datacentre but you don’t have the space, connectivity, resources, security or power you need, this will work for you. All for a fixed and reliable monthly amount.  

And if the security of your data keeps you up at night, you can rest assured knowing our data centres have manned security, CCTV, and biometric access. Nobody can get in unless they’re pre-authorised.  

If you’re thinking about moving to the cloud, colocation can be a good stepping stone. You can move your IT infrastructure away from a physical server in your office while you map out your cloud strategy and journey.  


There’s no stopping us

We know about all types of cloud*

Put us to the test and ask us anything about cloud computing services, virtual machines, underlying infrastructure, and operating systems. We know the difference between hybrid cloud, on premise, public cloud and private cloud services like the back of our hand (we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years).

*our meteorology knowledge might be a bit hazy, but we’re experts in cloud services and technology.

Two decades of managed service experience

For more than two decades iomart has been designing and managing cloud environments for business of all shapes and sizes. We are one of the few providers that can truly support a hybrid cloud architecture with a well-defined managed service over your cloud solutions.

We make complicated technology straightforward

Our IT people and security analysts love this stuff (and they’re very good at it). They’re always on hand when you need support to answer any questions, banish any technical hiccups and detangle any complexities you might be facing.

Case Study

Helping Adra move to the public cloud

“Now we have an always on, always available service that our staff can rely on to deliver.”

Richard Nightingale, Infrastructure and Operations Manager – Adra

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