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The challenges we help with

Company office space is in demand and costly

You can treat our own data centre like it’s an extension of your business premises, for a fixed amount. Capacity, racks, uninterrupted power, cooling (air conditioning) and connectivity all bundled up in a monthly bill to help make it cost effective.

You’re worried about the security of hardware when it’s not on site

We’ll treat your hardware as if it’s our own. We’ve collected lots of industry accreditations to help prove our colocation facilities are a safe choice, and to swat away any security fears customers might have. Plus, our data centres have manned security, CCTV, and biometric access. Nobody can get in unless they’re pre-authorised.

You’re not ready to take the leap with cloud technology

Opting for dedicated hosting is a way to shift your IT infrastructure away from a physical server in your offices while you weigh up your cloud options.  Or you might need to retain data sovereignty along with full control over your data. With colocation you can track exactly where your data is stored and processed, all while giving you physical separation of your assets and data.

Choose what's right for you

There are four flavours of colocation servers for you to choose from:

Standard colocation

High density colocation

High security colocation

Managed colocation


Data Centre Interior

1. Standard colocation

You’ll get unmanaged colocation cabinets in one of our data centres (Glasgow, London, Nottingham, Leicester, Maidenhead, Manchester, York, St. Asaph, or Gosport).

We’ll agree a set number of standard 42U dual powered cabinets or vendor cabinets for you, in the colocation centre you choose, with hot/cold aisle containment. They’re all configured with dual power supplies.


2. High density colocation

Perfect for more power-hungry equipment within a single footprint. Together we’ll work out what’s the right data centre for you, and what rack technology you’ll need to meet your capacity.   


3. High security colocation

This is a good fit if you have specific compliance, and/or security requirements that mean you need a caged enclosure for all (or some) of your cabinets.  


4. Managed colocation

We’ll do the heavy lifting with managing things for you. What we do will depend on you and what you want and need. It can include monitoring, replacement of hardware, patch management, remote hands, detailed analysis – and other services.  


A home from home

Colocation hosting is an industry term for putting your servers in a data centre owned and run by someone else – like us.   

There are different reasons why you might want or need to move your IT infrastructure off your business premises to a colocation hosting provider. It frees up space, while offering you the things your office might not have (like a sufficient and uninterrupted power supply). It also frees up staff resource in house to maintain it. Or you might want to go cloud first but aren’t quite ready to take the leap. It can cut costs with a predictable monthly outlay, minimise risk (by using a secure data centre environment), and improve business continuity.   

Why iomart

12 data centres

Thousands of square metres of data hall space

Manned 24/7

We’ve invested big numbers (£s with many zeros) into our colocation hosting facilities to make us a major player in colocation hosting. We’re consistently building, equipping and operating our data centres around the UK. 

This gives us thousands of square metres of advanced data hall space. Every inch is manned around the clock. And we’ve installed more than 2,000 kilometres of high-speed connecting fibre between our data centres.   

Our national MPLS enabled network and partnership with BT allows us to provide private circuits to our customers, not only between our data centre sites, but also into customer premises. As well as our UK network, you’ll find us in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and across six locations in the US.  

There are no legacy operations or practices. So, we can equip our facilities and guarantee reliable power supplies to meet future computing demands and trends, including large-scale virtualisation, distributed storage and multi-site disaster recovery. We also offer and deliver some of the best colocation service times and standards around – including an uptime guarantee, so you won’t suffer from a power outage.   

You’ll also have reliable connectivity. With high-speed internet services and private interconnections between our data centres, your offices, and the public cloud.  

From 1u colocation hosting (shared rack), rack space in quarter, half and full sizes, right through to dedicated rooms and private suites, we have the capacity, skills and expertise to deliver the perfect solution for your needs.  

Our sites are also physically secure using a combination of intruder detection systems, CCTV, and human security. And we have locked cabinets and racks where needed. Any access to our data centres follows strict access request procedures and is recorded for auditing. Guests are escorted to the appropriate room or rack to guarantee the security of our customers’ data. So you can rest assured we’re incredibly secure.  


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The tech we use to protect your data

You can be completely confident in the security, location, and accessibility of your data which is managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act (UK GDPR). And our Network and Information Systems (NIS) operate in accordance with statutory requirements. 

The tech we use, our systems and processes are founded on industry recognised best practice. We have a range of management system standards that are independently assessed and accredited.


Protecting your data, includes having:

  • Certified ISO27001 Information Security Management System 
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certified to protect online transactions 
  • Having Cyber Essentials Certification to protect against common cyber threats  
  • Accredited ISO 22301 Business continuity management system for onsite resilienc

We look to guarantee your services, accredited and underpinned with:

  • ISO9001 – Quality Management System  
  • ISO20000 –Service Support Management System 

Our sustainability credentials include:

  • ISO 14001 – Environment Management Systems  
  • ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems 

We work within these codes of practise and guidelines:

  • ISO27018 – Personally Identifiable Information (PII) protection  
  • ISO17788 – Cloud Computing best practices  
  • ISO17789 – Cloud Computing Reference Architecture standards 


Why we're different

Why you’re likely to pick us out from a crowd of colocation providers

We’re an old hand (read: experienced) at multi-cloud services. Unlike some colocation hosting providers, we take care of your hardware in data centres we own and operate up and down the UK. Each has servers owned and operated by us. So, there are no chains of people in the middle to deliver core components of our service. When we say ‘our data centres’ we really mean they’re ours. Whether you want a primary colocation centre with easy access to your equipment, or a secondary site for disaster recovery purposes, we have a range of set-ups and locations for you choose from.   

Each of our UK data centres is built in line with Tier II and Tier III standards. We provide advanced data centre technology in nine UK towns and cities. There’s always an expert at hand – we staff each facility with skilled technicians who are supported by our UK-based Network Operations Centre.   

Our permanent in-house engineers configure the server environment to best suit your business requirements. They constantly monitor, test and evaluate all systems and components. And we give our customers a named account manager, so they’re not passed from pillar to post with different contacts.   

We can readily enhance our colocation provision with managed services such as Backup as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, Managed Cyber Security and Connectivity.   

Our partnerships with major telcos and peering providers allow us to give our customers highly secure UK and global connectivity through dedicated connections and internet links.  

Tooting our own horn, as a financially stable company listed on the Alternative Investment Market, we’re a reliable strategic long-term hosting partner.  

We’re confident you won’t find a better web hosting solution, or a better home for your hardware.  

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