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Managed private cloud hosting at 'our place' 

There are four different types of Cloud.

And we differentiate between these depending on where they’re deployed – Public Cloud (their place), On Premise (your place), Private Cloud (our place), and Hybrid Cloud (a combination of cloud environments).  

Here we’re fully focused on ‘our place’, (which we call iomart Cloud).   

Going for ‘our place’ means your data and applications are stored on physical servers in one of our 12 regional data centres (which are staffed around the clock by our highly skilled engineers). iomart Cloud works out well for most businesses, in part because it’s good value for money, stable, and performs really well. We encrypt your data so all your sensitive information is secure.    

There are three types of iomart Cloud (and we offer fully managed cloud hosting on each), giving you plenty of choice and flexibility. 

Why choose us

We know about all types of cloud*

Management of cloud infrastructure is complex, especially in the modern day. Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud – there are lots of options (and cloud service providers) to choose from. We’ll work with you to find the right place (or combination of places) to store your data and workloads to help you connect, secure, and scale your business.   

Our unique take on managed cloud services means you get a streamlined and straightforward experience, and future proofed infrastructure that helps you progress through your cloud adoption journey. We make it easy to add to your existing managed cloud or adopt the public cloud later in your journey, without causing any headaches as you change and flex your service.    

Our private managed cloud solutions are secure, resilient and built specifically to your needs. They’re also powered by VMware and use the latest advancements in VMware NSX.  

*our meteorology knowledge might be a bit hazy, but we’re experts in cloud hosting services and technology. 

Three iomart Cloud options

Choose the iomart cloud that’s right for you

We have three different iomart clouds for you to choose from, made for different budgets and varying needs. They are:  

virtual cloud above laptop

Virtual Cloud

You can lean on our cloud hosting experience, and our physical servers, but keep control of your data. With VMware vCloud Director, your data is securely isolated from other businesses. And if your needs grow, we can easily ramp up your iomart cloud service. You’ll simply pay for it as you go.

Private Cloud Laptop with padlock above it

Standard Private Cloud

It’s like Virtual Cloud, but the resource is dedicated to you – giving you both increased performance and privacy suited to even the most highly regulated environments. This personalised design gives you dedicated compute in one of our data centres, and makes it our most popular option.  

Dedicated Private Cloud

Dedicated Private Cloud

Our most private iomart cloud option that can be deployed to any of our supported locations around the globe. We stick to the most stringent compliance requirements to deliver extreme security. It’s the ideal solution to secure even the most sensitive data.

The challenges we can help you with

Legacy applications and infrastructure, stored in different places or across multiple servers, make it near impossible to migrate everything to the public cloud

We know that some legacy applications are still important to many businesses. So we don’t migrate unsuitable workloads into the public cloud. Instead, we focus on finding the right cloud for the right data. And as an experienced cloud hosting business, we make sure any legacy applications stored in our modern iomart cloud platform, can communicate easily with any data you hold in the public cloud.

Your costs are spiralling, and are tricky to forecast

Our managed cloud services offer cost savings by switching from CapEx to OpEx, giving you a predictable monthly bill.

You’re worried about compliance and security, it’s a bit of headache to get to grips with

Our iomart cloud hosting solutions work using our own UK data centres. They come with a variety of security options. We’ll guide you to what might be a good fit for you. Our solutions meet all compliance and data security requirements for your customers, and regulators.

You don’t have the skills you need in-house to manage a cloud

This is where our fully managed private cloud comes up trumps. We’re an experienced cloud hosting provider with over 200 trained support and engineer staff to take the reins, so you don’t have to.

Your hands are tied by limitations of your current solution

All of our services piggy-back the latest technology, with a constant focus on performance and reliability. With our managed hosting you can use one or a mix of solutions to flex as your business needs more cloud resource.

woman and man around a laptop next to a server

The people who power our private cloud solutions

The real value of our cloud hosting solutions lies in the trained experts who power our managed services. You’ll have all the expertise you need from onboarding to deployments, right through to support and continuous improvement. We’re by your side throughout the entire lifecycle of your managed service with us. So you can simply get in with doing what you do best – running your business.   

We have two tiers of managed service to suit different needs and budgets – Essentials and Enhanced. They both have the iomart stamp of approval, with 20 years of experience behind them. And they come with the same must-have components whether you opt for iomart Cloud, Managed Azure, or Managed On-Premises. So there’s consistency across all our cloud offerings.   

Our iomart Cloud managed service options

Packaged to give you flexibility and scalability

man at a laptop in a server room


We’ve grouped the most common customer managed service requirements into a foundation package. It includes access to our ITIL aligned service desk and comes with service management for the underlying cloud platform.


There’s support on tap too, for all the features and services that are accessible from your cloud portal.  



Naturally this package builds on what Essentials has to offer, but it’s specifically aligned to more complex requirements, with extra support. You pick what additional support you want without having to pay for a bundled service you might not need. You can choose from key features like Guest OS Management, Managed Security and Identity & Access Management.


We also offer a dedicated Service Manager with Enhanced.  

Our clearly defined managed service stages

As an experienced managed hosting provider, we use a set of clearly defined stages that are aligned to ISO 20000-1 and ITIL service management frameworks.

This structure means you’ll get a consistent and reliable experience throughout your partnership with us: 


This is where we start to talk you through the managed hosting services and solutions we offer, passing you all of the information you need to make the best decision for your business. 


We make sure we have a shared understanding of your vision and current status. So we can create a managed hosting solution that gives you exactly what you need. 

Design & Transition

Design is where we’ll create a statement of works, low-level design, and project delivery plan for you. And transition is where your project manager co-ordinates with the right stakeholders to deliver the project exactly as you expect it.

Obtain & Build

Obtain & build happens at the same time as the transition phase. This is where our engineers and vendors source the hardware and software needed, to move your workloads onto our managed cloud servers.

Deliver & Support

This starts when you’re happy with the proposed services, after successful user acceptance testing. And you’ll now have access to our service desk and service managers throughout the lifecycle of your managed service.

Continuous Improvement

We’re always looking to spot areas for improvement. Any feedback our support team gathers, or any improvement opportunities we find, will go into your service improvement plan. So we can make those improvements for you. 

The technical intricacies 

The iomart cloud is powered by technologies we know and trust. These include VMware, Dell and Cohesity.

Why you’re likely to pick us out from a crowd

We stick to our promise of being straightforward. It means we’re remove all the complexity so you can focus on the big picture – running your business.   

Our private managed cloud hosting is known for:   

Giving our clients access to fully accredited staff as and when they need unrivalled technical support and/or consulting 

Offering a robust support wrap around your cloud hosting service  

Round the clock, every single day, ITIL aligned service desk, and a service management capability to smoothly manage the lifecycle of your service  

Thorough process that ticks along like clockwork, including service cataloguing and item mapping  

Comprehensive event management – it immediately notifies our engineers when there’s a service outage or degradation so they can act fast to fix the issue  

Not sitting back on what’s always worked for us. We’re always looking to up our game – service reviews, service management, technical service management, we’ll measure how we’re doing and how we’re improving  

Regularly patching and updating your virtual infrastructure, to help us mitigate against security vulnerabilities. 

They trust us, and they tell the best stories

Follow in the footsteps of the global brands we work with – they’ve tried and tested our cloud hosting platform. Here are what a select few had to say about us:  

“We’ve now got the resilience we needed. We’ve seen a massive increase in our network connectivity. Everything runs so much faster.” Paul Beavis European IT Director truck-lite
“The pro-active response from iomart was just superb. There were lots of calls and great ideas coming in, being discussed and implemented.” Dimetri Van Kakum Head of IT RHS-Royal-Horticultural-Society-New-2022

Want to know more, or are you in need of straightforward advice?