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The challenges we help with:

Legacy applications and infrastructure make it near impossible for you to migrate everything in one go

Whether you’re migrating from on premise to hybrid, private to public, we’ll help you find the best possible way to move everything over. So all of your data and applications are in the most optimal cloud environments.

Your costs are spiralling, and are tricky to forecast

If you’ve lifted and shifted everything on to the public cloud this could well be the case – our services can knock your public cloud costs down by assessing your environment for expensive, underused or redundant resources. We can also optimise costs by making sure your data and applications are in the most cost-efficient cloud environments (public, private and on premise for a truly hybrid cloud).

You’re worried about compliance and security

Securing your cloud can feel incredibly complex (regardless of the environment you choose). We’ll assess your attack surface and identify your critical functions to keep your valuable data safe. We can also bolster any of our cloud services with our SD-WAN, Zero Trust, Cloud Firewall, and Managed Security solutions.

You don’t have the skills you need in-house to manage a cloud

This is where our managed services come up trumps. We have more than 200 trained support and engineer staff to take the reins, so you don’t have to. And, if it’s public cloud you’re after, we have advanced technical support teams on tap directly from Microsoft whenever we need it.

Your hands are tied by limitations of your current solution 

All of our services use the latest technology, with a constant focus on performance and reliability. Cloud is all about constant optimisation, so you can rest assured we’ll help you build a cloud strategy that places the right data in the right cloud environments. With us you can use one, or a mix of solutions, to flex as your business needs more cloud resources.

Making the most of your cloud environment

Using the cloud allows you to step into a world that offers many benefits – from profitability to productivity and business innovation. But, getting the most out of your cloud services needs thorough planning and a good cloud strategy, whether you’re looking at private, public or hybrid cloud.  

Whether you’re mulling over the idea of moving to the cloud or you’ve already made the leap, the name of the game is allocating cloud resources and controlling spend. Cloud Optimisation guides you through this process wherever you are on your journey. 

The aim is to limit cloud resource waste in your cloud environment and identify idle resources to cut cloud costs by selecting, provisioning, and picking the right cloud features to meet your business outcomes.  

We’ll help you untangle the complexities cloud of migration. Our cloud cost optimisation strategies and services will help you review your cloud spend, management, security, and availability. 

Get expert advice on cloud optimisation

Lap up our experience and cloud know-how and use it to your advantage. We’ve specialised in cloud services for more than 20 years.  And we know a thing or two about making it work for businesses – big and small.  

If you’re just starting out with cloud, we’ll get your cloud setup right from the outset. We’ll help you get a clear picture of best practice and which – if any – gaps you might need to close in your existing infrastructure. Often businesses pay too much for tech they don’t need, so we can often hand you back a direct saving and keep your cloud costs down.  

We have a few other tricks up our sleeve too:

– Improved performance and cost benefits by optimising applications

– Modernised, robust cloud infrastructure that meets best practice

– Improved service and application availability and resilience through cloud

– Cloud hardened access security by design

– Reduced IT burden and improved IT processes through simplified infrastructure

– Upskilling and supporting your IT team in their cloud technology journeys

– Leverage latest technologies, recognise IT investments already made

– Enhanced end user productivity

– Data protection as standard and improved backup and disaster recovery capabilities

The way we work

Our clearly defined cloud optimisation process

We’ve spent years working with cloud services and as they’ve got more sophisticated and ever smarter, we’ve developed specialist expertise in how to make sure businesses get the most from the cloud. We’ve refined our approach to carefully consider your end goals, and diligently work through a tried-and-tested method to achieve peak performance. 

We’ll help you with your cloud usage at every step of your cloud journey: 

If you’re preparing for cloud?

If you’re assessing your readiness for cloud and want to design the best-fit environment from an architectural point of view, along with expected cloud costs.  

You’ve made a start?

You’ve built a small cloud environment or are running a proof of concept. But you want to take it further, get more features of cloud for your organisation in a structured migration, with a plan from experienced cloud architects. 

You’re up and running.

Already using cloud services, but you’d like an independent view on the architecture of your environment, the running costs, and the security model that’s been implemented. 

Our approach

There are many organisations at many different stages of cloud adoption, our approach means we can seamlessly slip in at any stage of your cloud journey.

Step 1 – Engage

Early engagement is all centred around requirements gathering so we have a complete understanding of your business, team, current setup and objectives before we move into the planning stage.

Step 2 – Plan

Here’s where we assess your readiness for cloud/migration and work on a strategy for your cloud infrastructure. Our planning involves all areas of your infrastructure including network and connectivity.

Step 3 – Design

We’ll work with you to create technical designs. It’s always in line with cloud best practice and any governance requirements. We can also run a proof of concept at this stage, if needed, to further refine requirements or to simply help you with getting internal sign-off.

Step 4 – Build

The build stage is essentially the implementation of your cloud solution, whether that’s building from scratch, migrating or building upon your existing architecture.

Step 5 – Deliver & Support

Once you’re up and running with your newly optimised cloud services, we work with you to make sure your IT team is ready to run the new model, or you have the option to support it with a fully managed iomart service.

Step 6 – Continuous Improvement

We’re always looking to spot areas for improvement. Any feedback we gather or improvement opportunities we find will go straight into your service improvement plan. It’s a detailed process. It needs to be so every gap is plugged and things don’t slip through. And it means by working closely with you we’ll create a fit for purpose cloud environment that perfectly meets what your business needs now, and further down the line. 

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Why we're different

Why you'll pick us as your cloud service provider

Expert listeners

We tune in to what you say and what you need. We start with your objectives, listen intently, and work with you to make sure you have a cloud architecture and delivery model to help you succeed.  

A step ahead 

Through our experience and close partnership with the likes of Microsoft, we make sure anything we do, or you have done, meets best practice. We keep up to date with cloud technology, so you don’t have to. 

Architecture reviews 

There are many ways to architect a cloud environment and deliver applications and data, the security wrapper, different architectural and geographical models. Whether you’ve deployed some infrastructure already (we can review any existing environment) or are at the design and planning stage we help you deliver the optimal cloud services. 

Cloud and workload assessment 

One of the key considerations for cloud is to know you’re running the right workloads in the right place. We work with you to assess your current cloud environment and workloads (wherever they are – on-premises, private, public, hybrid), and then make detailed recommendations on whether they could be best served from a different model and what the advantages and disadvantages would be. 

Watertight security

Cloud brings a myriad of security considerations… how do I protect my environment? How do I monitor for security breaches? What governance model and processes should I put in place? And more. We help you navigate the options and make recommendations that are best for you. 

Cost savings 

Good cloud infrastructure actively supports more profitable businesses, so we strip out unnecessary cloud costs and make sure you only pay for the stuff that adds value. 


We leave the jargon to others. We’ll tell you what you need to know, in plain English, and do everything possible to make the complex seem simple. If any jargon can’t be avoided, we’ll explain it. 

Support on tap

Get as much support as you need, one-off questions, troubleshooting, or make the most of our IT experts are at your beck and call 24/7.  

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