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The challenges we help with

You want to realise the value from your digital transformation

Our consultants have the skills you need to accelerate and optimise your cloud journey. We’ll work with you to fully understand where you are today, and where you need the cloud to take you. And a standard part of our process is working out how to minimise and optimise your IT spend to deliver the best business value. We’d do this either by modernising your existing critical applications, or through adopting software as a service (SaaS).

Your employees and users find your legacy IT complex

If your staff don’t have the right tools to do their job, it can get pretty frustrating, pretty quickly. So modernising applications can simplify your architectures as well as improving user experience for both your customers and employees. And we’ll give your staff a single user experience across a range of devices and locations.

Your legacy IT is impacting your competitive edge

The cost and time attributed to managing and operating legacy IT can be vast. We’ll make sure you’ve got access to the latest cloud technologies and can deploy modern applications at speed – so you remain relevant to existing and new customers. Modernising can also help you improve staff morale, retention and help you attract the right talent.

Cyber security is a bit of an afterthought

Through our digital transformation process, we’ll make sure all of the solutions we implement are Secure by Design. With modern cloud technologies comes easily accessible security. That means the protection of people that access your data and applications. As well as protecting any infrastructure and end points. And all of this is baked into the cloud, so it’s easy to adopt without any big investment.

We’ll help untangle the complexities of digital transformation strategies

Often, after we’ve created a technology strategy, we’ll figure out how to achieve those plans through transformation of your legacy applications and platforms.    

Digital transformation involves a mix of business processes and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. But what does digital transformation actually encompass? It includes everything from:  

Modernising legacy systems and cloud architecture

Optimising your end user’s experience

Securing your data and protecting against threats

Having greater visibility and insights of your infrastructure

Simplifying management.

That’s quite a lot to consider. Enabling new business models and transforming into the ultimate digital business is a complex undertaking. But making things straightforward is what we’re all about.  

From end user to cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and everything in between, we help you make the most of your investments. We’ll also help you rationalise your technology landscape, and tap into digital technologies. So your organisation can realise the many benefits of digital transformation initiatives.  

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Why iomart?

We’re digital transformation leaders

As leading IT consultancy partner, we follow a top-to-bottom process that makes your IT infrastructure the pinnacle of modern productivity, scalability, flexibility and security. Creating the ultimate digital business is a complex undertaking – but making things straightforward is what we’re all about.    

Our team of talented (of course they are, you wouldn’t expect anything less) certified architects, consultants, and engineers are primed to help any public or private organisation improve their digital technologies and business processes. 

We have a track record anyone in the industry would be proud of. We’re continually delivering technology consulting and transformation projects ranging from public, private or hybrid cloud, modern workplace, productivity and collaboration, to security and network platform solutions for a number of private and public sector organisations. We understand how to work in partnership and deliver the right outcomes with customer objectives, timescales, and budgets.  


The way we work

Our clearly defined digital transformation process

We’re a team. We work with you. Together we’ll create a digital transformation roadmap, encompassing your business needs, technical changes, what the timescales are, what will be delivered, and when we’ll deliver it.   


They say the devil is in the detail. We’ll give you detailed technical and project documents. They’ll help you define, build and migrate to your new modernised environment – with us by your side to support you every step of the way.   


The migration may consist of many different technology components such as:   

  1. cloud environments
  2. server migrations
  3. re-architecting applications and utilising more PaaS services
  4. migration of data
  5. using cloud-based analytics
  6. new security solutions such as Zero Trust, SD-WAN
  7. establishing a hybrid cloud model.


With cloud infrastructure transformation we aim to enhance your end user environment. We can do this in lots of different ways. But the end goal is always the same, improving productivity and performance for your end users, so they can work anywhere, anytime.  


Getting everything right needs a clear and well-established process

We’ll diligently and rigorously follow our tried and tested process:   






  • Discovery and assessments
  • Situation analysis and objective setting
  • Creation of a digital transformation strategy, plan, roadmap and timescales, select appropriate technology options based on requirements
  • Prepare technical and project documents
  • Establish success criteria
  • Define modernised environment


  • Create proof of concept
  • Pilot projects and testing
  • Analysis of results
  • Implementation of strategic plan
  • Deployments
  • Migration
  • Training and operational readiness / corporate data solutions


  • Platforms and integration
  • Technology and application cost management
  • Monitoring and security
  • Backup and recovery
  • Updates
  • Ongoing optimisation

The right people for the job

We’ll also assemble a dedicated, senior and expert team with clear roles and responsibilities so you know what you can expect to happen, and when.

Throughout the life of the project, we’ll keep in the loop with regular reporting and meetings, to continue our collaboration between your team and ours. 

What we can support you with

  1. Strategy and enablement – we’ll get to know your business and financial objectives, budgets and current internal capabilities and give you a roadmap and overview of your technology options.
  2. Application modernisation – get a review of different application architecture models and a proposal of modernised cloud delivery options tapping into features and functionality, data storage and protection, costs, and availability.
  3. Enabling cloud – we’ll review your existing cloud and identify possible solutions. We’ll design, plan, and deploy the new cloud environment, and train your team to manage the up-to-date tech.
  4. Security and connectivity – this involves network and security strategy, modernising network architecture through Zero Trust, creating and delivering security services, and lockdown of your data, build identity, and access protocols.
  5. Modern workplace – get Microsoft 365 services built around your user experience and productivity goals. It’ll encourage collaboration and teamwork with anytime user access. We’ll deploy, secure, and manage devices – whether physical or virtual, like Azure Virtual Desktop.
  6. Managed cloud – in the early hours, after working hours, whatever time of day, any day support services from UK based experts. You’ll always get clear SLAs, monitoring, patching, backup, and disaster recovery, health checks, and on-going best practice reviews.
Who we work with

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Digital Transformation with iomart

Why you’re likely to pick us out from the crowd

 With over two decades working in cloud services, our team has gathered unsurpassed expertise in migration, management, and optimisation.  

Requirements gathering like no other 

We hold technical workshops to capture and document your digital transformation strategy requirements  

Individualised roadmaps

We create digital transformation roadmaps for your business.   

Migration of all shapes and sizes 

Choose from our Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud planning and migration services  

You’re totally and utterly in control

You’ll know exactly what’s happening, when, and how. We’ll create a living and breathing strategy and roadmap to deliver and continually review change for you.  

We’re flexible

If you want to add an offsite cloud service later on, no problem. We know that your priorities will change over time and we’ll make sure your technology strategy adapts to meet your desired business outcomes.  

Badges of honour

Our people are some of the best in the business (check out our accreditations and certificates a bit further down the page).  

Expert credentials

Our consultancy teams not only have decades of experience but also vendor and industry recognised certifications to give you the confidence we can get it done, and get it done right.    

Watertight security

Watch our operational excellence in action, with enhanced security and management functionality  

End-to-end consulting

Get your full lifecycle of professional services   

We’ll take ownership

We’ll own the implementation and the success of your technology strategy.  

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