Protect yourself from increasingly complex cyber threats

Small and big businesses alike rely on technology. And every business wants to protect their customers, their brand, and their sensitive data. But cyber attackers are often one step ahead, leaving you vulnerable to data breaches. And your business vulnerable to losses, ransom demands and reputational damage.   

You need a team of expert security analysts on your side – they’ll do what they do best, offering you cyber security measures you can rely on. So you can simply get on with running your business.   

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) can lighten your security load and boost your cyber security resources. Expert analysts and operatives will monitor your network security for anomalous behaviour and malicious code, alerting you when potential cyber threats appear, and working alongside you to respond. Gone are the days of noisy anti-virus software acting as a mere alarm system. Our Security Operations Centre will proactively alert, respond to, and help you resolve cyber threats.   


What is a Security Operations Centre?

A Security Operations Centre (also known as a SOC) is a team of security experts who continuously monitor your computer systems and respond to any indicators of attack or compromise. So a SOC fulfils the full spectrum of Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

Our SOC helps you keep up to speed with the ever-changing complex world of cyber security. We’ll work alongside your business to strengthen your security posture, protecting you against any security risks you face now, and anticipate those you might face in the future.  

We have three different SOC options available to suit different budgets and requirements:  

  1. Essential Security Operations Centre – With our entry level multitenant SOC you can onboard as many desktop and mobile devices as you like for 24/7 protection.   
  2. Enhanced Security Operations Centre – With our Enhanced SOC you’ll have all the functionality of our Essential SOC along with longer log retention, threat hunting and access to our customer portal included. 
  3. Enterprise Security Operations Centre – Everything we offer with Essential and Enhanced Security Operations Centre, you’ll get here. Plus, tailored threat workshops and discovery exercises for a full business overview.

Cyber security explained (acronyms and all)

The world of cyber security (and the jargon surrounding it) can make it all feel pretty complex. So, in the interests of being straightforward, we thought it might be helpful to explain some of the acronyms we get the most questions about – the DR’s. From EDR, to XDR and MDR – we break it all down below and explain what each of these mean in relation to a Security Operations Centre.

virtual cloud above laptop

What is Endpoint Detection and Response?

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is technology that analyses threat intelligence feeds. It constantly monitors the behaviour of an endpoint to see if its behaviour is indicative of a threat. This will then flag the threat to the end user so you can then decide upon, and coordinate, your response. Think of it as an alarm that detects a threat and lets you know about it.  

Dedicated Private Cloud

What is Extended Detection and Response?

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is another piece of technology. But rather than just monitoring end points, it monitors multiple attack surfaces (things like servers, networks and cloud environments). It presents this data from different sources into a single dashboard to flag any behaviour that’s indicative of a threat. Again, it’s like an alarm. Once it’s flagged potential threats, you then need to decide upon, and coordinate, your response.   


What is Managed Detection and Response?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is what we do. Our Security Operations Centre is a prime example of MDR, as MDR balances the tech (aka the alarm system) with the right processes and people. So we’re not just detecting behaviour indicative of a threat, we’re also acting on what the technology is telling us to fulfil the response part of MDR in a proactive way.  

Your business, always secure

Trust our experts to keep your data under lock and key.  


We’ll collect data from your IT environments into our SOC platform, which is connected to the people and tools you need to keep you safe from potential threats


We can protect a wide array of IT environments and systems. Keeping you protected and compliant with government cleared security analysts, supported by the right tools and processes.


Businesses rarely stand still for long. No matter what you need to protect, and no matter how much of it there is, we’ll meet your business needs and regulatory requirements.

Will ‘Essential Security Operations’ be a good fit for you? Yes, if…

You need to concentrate on other things

Our experts will do all of the heavy lifting to secure your business (it will all run for you in the background). And if you do need to do anything, we’ll guide you through the process.

Your budget won’t stretch to an advanced threat hunting cloud service

This is a great entry level security solution that you can add to over time.

You need to be insured and compliant

Our SOC solution offers the checks and balances you need to make certification easier and potentially bring down your premiums.

People keep falling victim to common cyber-attacks

People are the weakest point in every business’s cyber security posture (we’ll help safeguard your users from themselves)

Will ‘Enhanced Security Operations’ be a good fit for you? Yes if…

You need to be insured and compliant

Our SOC solution offers the checks and balances you need to make certification easier and potentially bring down your premiums.

You’re worried about the cost of security

Our enhanced SOC solutions give you the best balance of security functionality and value for money

You’ve got data in different places

Whether your data is on premise, in the data centre or in the cloud we can keep you protected.

You want oversight of your security operations

With our enhanced SOC you’ll have direct access to the platform so you can review all logs and alerts whenever you want

Will ‘Enterprise Security Operations’ be a good fit for you? Yes, if:

You run a large and complex business

If standard functionality and features aren’t enough to keep you secure, Enterprise SOC is for you.

You’re a mature business that already understands your security landscape

Your business understands the importance of a good cyber security strategy and will invest accordingly.

You’ve been caught by cyber-attacks out before

You might be risk adverse because of a previous cyber attack that’s resulted in massive losses and damage.

You want to understand your business’ security end to end

We’ll run threat workshops and understand every corner of your business, make sure it’s protected and even provide awareness training.

There’s no stopping us

Unique partnership and expertise

We’ve coupled the most elite security service (which offers world class independent cyber security expertise and threat hunting) with our proactive managed service capability. So we fulfil the full spectrum of incident response. We detect the threat, alert you to it and then we proactively enable you to respond to that threat. You don’t need to go from pillar to post between your managed service and security provider. And dependent on the level of support you feel you need, we can guide you through the full process.

Two decades of managed service experience

For more than two decades, iomart has been designing and managing secure infrastructure for government agencies, military, telcos, and payment providers. We’re one of the UK’s most trusted managed service and cloud security providers.

We make complicated technology straightforward

Our IT people and security analysts love this stuff (and they’re very good at it). They’re always on hand when you need support to answer any questions, banish any technical hiccups and detangle any complexities you might be facing. 

Case Study

Helping CAS secure their business

“We’ve now got a very credible and experienced security team backing our platform.”

Chris Ellis, Chief Technology Officer – CAS Ltd


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