Your people, working virtually

You can sit back, relax, knowing wherever your employees’ location, they’ll connect and communicate securely. 


Your teams can communicate about what they’re working on, collaborate, and share effortlessly.  


We can secure all collaboration tools and devices, so personally identifiable information is fully protected.


Businesses rarely stand still for long. If (or when) your business grows in the future, your digital workplace solutions can easily grow with you.

Work anywhere, work smarter

It’s been the norm to have your employees in a particular office from 9-5, Monday to Friday – but that’s changing. Now, employees can work from anywhere, anytime. With Microsoft Modern Workplace, we’ll keep your colleagues securely connected to support communication and collaboration from inside, and outside, the office.   

Our digital workplace solutions (supported by Microsoft Modern workplace) will help you boost employee engagement and productivity by transforming traditional ways of working. We can deliver: 

Unified Communications 

Microsoft 365 

Managed Device 

We’ll deliver productivity and collaboration tools, making the perfect accompaniment for a modern workplace. Our digital workplace solutions add to the quality of your employee experience no matter where they choose to work – enabling seamless project management from anywhere, anytime

Will unified communications be a good fit for you? Yes, if...

Things are getting lost in translation

trying to communicate across multiple apps, locations and platforms is tough – and critical messages can be easily missed or mixed up. You want to know who said what, where, and when.

If you don’t want to have to remove your existing technology

you might want your employees to have a familiar experience (using something they already know and are used to). And you don’t want to make them carry around an extra device if they’re working remotely.

You want a single identity for communication across every channel

having your employees logging into multiple platforms (one for voice, one for messaging, one for email, the list goes on…) doesn’t offer the best employee experience. We can boost productivity with one simple user identity (so your people communicate with whoever they want, whenever they want). A single user identity also increases security, as there are less user profiles and platforms to be breached.

You’ve got a distributed workforce

perfect for all hybrid work models, we’ll make your people quickly and readily available to each other (as if they were sitting next to one another in the same room).

Will Microsoft 365 be a good fit for you? Yes if...

You’re a digital organisation

Gone are the days of pen and paper, filing cabinets, calculators and the abacus. Everything we do in an office environment is digital. We share documents via SharePoint and figures on excel. So you need a digital workplace environment to access and edit all of your information and content.

Working across teams spread in different locations is a struggle

We don’t always have the ability go to physical places to read documents or scribble on whiteboards. So you need a platform that allows you to share and answer all of the questions it’s not practical or efficient to talk through face to face.

You want a single platform for collaboration

So there’s no wasted time logging into tools or swapping screens. We’re all about improving the employee experience, with one log in for SharePoint and Microsoft 365, your workforce will have access to every document and digital resource they need to get the job done.

Will Managed Device be a good fit for you? Yes if...

You don’t want the ongoing cost of hardware

You might not have a huge budget upfront to equip your staff with the latest and greatest devices they need. We’ll offer you a subscription for the devices you need.

you don’t have the skills you need in house

You might not have the skills you need to fix a device when something goes wrong, to deploy applications, to manage software updates and keep your devices secure. Don’t worry though, with our digital workplace services, we’ll take care of that for you.

Your people move around

Wherever your people are you want them to have powerful devices that enable them to stay productive and collaborative, while keeping their customers happy. And you’ll also want devices that keep your users secure, no matter where they are.

You need help knowing what the next big thing is

It’s tough to keep on top of constantly changing technology trends – and separating the fads from the worthwhile investments. We’ll keep you updated and, by understanding your specific needs, provide suggestions that could better enable your business and your future workforce.

There’s no stopping us

We know about all hybrid working models

Put us to the test and ask us anything about digital workplace solutions – be that remote working, collaboration and productivity tools and how these can give you a competitive edge. We understand people’s behaviour, technology, and digital transformation goals.

More than two decades of managed service experience

For more than two decades iomart has been designing and managing digital workplace services and solutions. We enable you to focus on the end-to-end customer experience, delivering benefits to each stage of your digital workplace strategy

We make complicated technology straightforward

Our IT people and security analysts love this stuff (and they’re very good at it). They’re always on hand when you need support to answer any digital workplace questions, banish any technical hiccups and detangle any complexities you might be facing.


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