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With our Gold Partner Microsoft License, we look at how your business works now, then we figure out how to make it better, with software and tools rooted in the Cloud.

What is Digital Workplace?

Basically, they allow your business to create a virtual environment where communication is seamless and collaboration is not only encouraged—but made easy. The Microsoft Modern Workplace makes this happen across locations and platforms, all while protecting your systems and your data.

You should think about adopting a Microsoft Modern Workplace if...

  • Messages are often lost in translation because communication is spread across platforms.
  • Platforms aren’t integrated with one another, increasing workload.
  • Cross-team collaboration and data sharing is difficult.
  • Hardware isn’t portable, putting a spanner in remote working.
  • Technology limitations, in turn, limit your business’ ability for growth.
  • Cyber security is lax, opening your business to the risk of attack.

How secure is the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

The short answer? Extremely.

The security embedded in Microsoft 365 develops insight to proactively defend against advanced threats like malware and phishing—keeping your data safe.

What’s included within the Microsoft Modern Workplace?

  • Office 365
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security

It also includes a full suite of productivity and collaboration tools designed to be used in a modern working environment. They enhance the quality of your employees’ work experience; making them feel happier and more valued.

How does the Microsoft Modern Workplace promote collaboration?

Collaborating with your team, or other teams, when everyone is working from different locations, is a tricky business. But, with hybrid working here to stay, it’s best to prepare for the inevitable, and the easier it is for your employees to collaborate, the more they’ll do it.

Microsoft 365 makes it super easy for your teams to work in tandem, with Microsoft Teams supporting voice and video conferencing, as well as a live chat function. The inclusion of Office 365 and SharePoint also means team members can work together on a document no matter where they are in the world.

You just relax, we make it work.

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Streamline your people and software for more collaborative operations

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Protect your online systems with Microsoft 365’s proactive defense tools

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Expand your organisation by implementing softwares that support your growth, not limit it

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I felt that the iomart team were standing right by me and that meant a lot. It would have been completely impossible to have delivered what we delivered with Covid and everything else, without the support we had from them.

Ben Goward
Director of ICT

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By finding the right partner and investing in the right technologies, we’ve completely transformed the organisation’s way of working, and delivered savings from investment.

Matthew Green
Director of Technology and Data

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We are an AIM-listed cloud computing and IT managed services business providing hybrid cloud infrastructure, network connectivity and digital workplace capability. Now, that’s quite a mouthful, but our mission is simple: to make you unstoppable by enabling you to connect, secure and scale anywhere, anytime.

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