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We work with you to figure out the most appropriate home for your data so you can access it when you want it, from wherever you are.

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What is the hybrid cloud?

Hybrid Cloud allows you to decide exactly where you want to store your data. Maybe you want to keep some information at your place (on-premise) and some at their place (public cloud)? Or, maybe you want us to look after it at our place (private cloud)? We work with you to identify the most appropriate facility to meet your requirements.

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Private cloud (our place)

Private cloud incurs a regular cost each month so you know exactly what you’ll need to pay—no surprises. With iomart, our managed private cloud solutions are encrypted, resilient and hosted within our secure data centres.

What’s more, our equipment connects seamlessly with your internal systems and the public cloud of your choice to create a hybrid cloud environment that can scale. So, your business always has the dedicated resources it needs.

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Public Cloud (their place)

With our Managed Azure service, it’s Microsoft that is responsible for the data centre and infrastructure management that underpins the cloud. However, our specialist consultants and expert engineers work with you to design and deploy a high-performing environment that has security and best practice baked in.

Another bonus of Managed Azure? Simple monthly billing.

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On-premise (your place)

What do we mean by on-premise? It’s when you have any servers housed on your own premises. It’s that simple. With this option, you might have bought a server from us and be managing it in-house. Or, with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), you can buy your servers, keep them on your own premises and we’ll remove any hassles by servicing and managing them for you.

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If you want to keep your data at your place on your own physical servers, but need a speedier network and tighter security, you should consider colocation. With this option, we house your servers in our secure data centres which offer the superfast network speed you’re after. This transition away from 100% on-premise servers can also be used as a stepping stone in a transition to hybrid cloud.

You just relax, we make it work.

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Join teams to the documents and files they need, wherever they are

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Cover your data with heightened security included with your storage plan

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Track your business with simple monthly billing

They trust us, and they tell the best stories.

The pro-active response from iomart was just superb. There were lots of calls and great ideas coming in, being discussed and implemented.

Dimetri Van Kakum
Head of IT

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iomart's consultants have been fundamental to every aspect – the design work, the delivery, the management of third parties – they’ve architected the whole thing with our internal team.

Andy Beech
Head of IT Systems

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We are an AIM-listed cloud computing and IT managed services business providing hybrid cloud infrastructure, network connectivity and digital workplace capability. Now, that’s quite a mouthful, but our mission is simple: to make you unstoppable by enabling you to connect, secure and scale anywhere, anytime.

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