At iomart, sustainability is straightforward. We integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations across our business, combining good intentions with meaningful action.

We want to offer solutions to make our customers unstoppable, while looking after the environment and society around us. So we’re committed to helping our customers succeed in a reliable and responsible way. This is why sustainability is a core part of our operations.



Most of our energy use comes from electricity (to power and cool our data centres). So we’ve reduced our emissions through partnerships, world-first technology, and compliance.


97% of our energy usage comes from our 12 data centres. So we’re setting ambitious carbon emission reduction goals with the aim of carbon neutrality.



With more than 400 employees we’re building a more diverse and inclusive environment with our values, partnerships and community outreach initiatives across the business.


We’re aiming for a technology-focused company, driven by purpose, with a genuine focus on wellbeing, diversity and equality.



We’re transparent about our sustainability progress while upholding sound systems and assurances to protect stakeholder interests.


As one of the largest providers of cloud computing, we’re committed to continually improving our governance processes and best practise.

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