iomart Group plc (AIM:IOM), the cloud computing company, announces that all resolutions put to shareholders at the Company’s Annual General Meeting held on 25 August 2020 were duly passed.

The full text of each resolution was included in the Notice of the Meeting circulated to shareholders. Details of the proxy votes for each resolution received by the Company before the AGM are laid out below:

AGM Resolutions 2020

ResolutionsVotes in Favour%Chairman's Discretion%Votes Against%Votes Withheld
Resolution 172,432,79099.986,9090.014200.0167,671
Resolution 268,272,57994.26,9090.014,197,0395.7931,263
Resolution 372,460,69699.9519,3240.0315,7830.0211,987
Resolution 472,401,00299.876,9090.0183,7230.1216,156
Resolution 572,473,36399.976,9090.0114,2300.0213,288
Resolution 672,497,65199.986,8690.012,7700.01500
Resolution 772,481,17899.986,9090.017,1910.0112,512
Resolution 872,318,48999.756,9090.01172,4820.249,910
Resolution 969,009,48295.196,9090.013,480,3784.811,021
Resolution 1067,607,84393.266,9090.014,881,5176.7311,521
Resolution 1155,310,62597.476,8690.011,428,1172.5215,762,179

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