Four Bitesized Webinars on Cyber Security

The threat landscape can feel complex. And with housing associations increasingly falling victim to cyber attacks, we’ve created 4 short cyber security episodes to help you understand the risks facing your industry.


Watch each episode below and get in touch if you have any questions.

Episode 1: All the DRs


What do all the letters mean?

Do they rely on humans or technology

How do they differ from protective monitoring?

What is the response, what does it look like?

How would remediation be managed in these scenarios?

Episode 2: What is a SOC?

How far does a SOC’s remit stretch?

How important is the physical location of the SOC?

Is a SOC just technology or is it a combination of people, process and technology?

What is the RACI matrix for a SOC? Where does the client SOC responsibility blend?

Episode 3: What is threat intelligence

When is threat intelligence useful and when is it not?

Is all threat intelligence born equal?

Is threat intelligence essential to running a successful SOC?

How do you know if you can trust intelligence?

How much human influence is required?

Episode 4: Incident response

What is incident response and how is it different to remediation?

Can you have an effective SOC without incident response?

Is incident response useful without practice?

Who is involved in incident response?

Is automation effective without human input?

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