In the increasingly complex world of multiple clouds, the ability to make your IT services easy and simple to manage is something of a holy grail.

You might not realise it but a good internet connection can help!

Many organisations still have their IT on premise and use the internet purely to browse online content. What they don’t realise is that this connection, especially when it’s a beefy one, can be used for security as a critical part of your business continuity services.

Powerful internet connectivity opens the door to moving your backup and disaster recovery offsite so that, in the event of an unforeseen incident, data can be recovered and IT systems can be brought back up quickly.

Here’s our guide to the ABCD of cloud crisis management.

A is for Aggregation

Bringing your business critical services together makes it easier to restore them when something goes awry.

100Mbps or even 1Gbps internet connections are cost effective and are unlikely to struggle with normal business usage. By taking advantage of the spare capacity to run your backup and disaster recovery, you gain better protection for your IT systems and increase the value of your investment.

B for Backup

No organisation is immune to data loss. Whether you’ve been hacked, fallen victim to fire or flood, or an employee has deleted something by accident, data can go missing for good if it has not been backed up. Moving your backup offsite to a reputable cloud service and connectivity provider who takes joint responsibility for protecting your data will provide the appropriate safeguard.

C is for Connectivity

Having stable, reliable and robust connectivity gives you the ability to restore your backup quickly in the event of failure. Using the same cloud service provider (CSP), especially if they also have their own network, can give you access to a range of connectivity options and benefits. A direct connection to the internet, a secure interconnect between public and private cloud services, a private route for more sensitive data.

Whether you are consuming cloud-hosted applications directly from your office or you are using a hybrid model to connect on premise with offsite, or two cloud platforms, your CSP can help you make the best choice for your business.

D is for Disaster

Disaster doesn’t happen only in office hours. A CSP who offers 24/7 support and who also knows your backup and connectivity services intimately is more likely to be able to help you recover your data and IT systems quickly in the event that something serious does happen.

Cloud backup, disaster recovery and connectivity are all part of the same big picture. Instead of an alphabet soup of providers, make life easy with an integrated and aggregated approach to your cloud crisis management.

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