Advancing with Azure: A Journey to Cloud Efficiency and Data Mastery

This session unravels the complexities and potential of Azure, offering insights into optimising cloud environments, harnessing native tools, and transitioning towards a data-driven business model.

Key Takeaways:

  • Exploring Optimisation Beyond Cost: Understanding the multifaceted nature of Azure optimisation, which encompasses cost savings, sustainability goals, and efficient use of Microsoft’s extensive toolset.
  • Leveraging Azure’s Native Tooling: Emphasising the cost-effectiveness and quality assurance of utilising Azure’s native capabilities for monitoring and management.
  • The Journey to a Data-Driven Business: Discussing strategies to harness Azure for insightful data analytics, starting from a focused, manageable scale and progressively expanding.
  • Practical Insights from Real-World Case Studies: Gleaning valuable lessons from hands-on experiences and customer stories, highlighting the tangible benefits and challenges of adopting Azure solutions.
  • Engaging Audience Interaction: Enriched with interactive polls and a live Q&A session, the webinar encourages participation and addresses specific concerns related to Azure’s capabilities and applications.

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