A family of solutions to keep you securely connected to your data

To save you dealing with different vendors and distinct end products for things like a strong connection, another for managed network protection, and something else to keep your employees and customers secure, we’ve brought them together. 

Connecting your people, securely

You can sit back, relax, knowing we’ll do all the hard work to connect your people while keeping your information under lock and key. 


For a truly hybrid IT experience we'll connect your workforce with fast remote access to everything they need, no matter when or where they are.


With our managed network services we can now move your encrypted data between any sites (including remote locations) securely.


Businesses rarely stand still for long. If (or when) your business decides to move toward hybrid cloud, your network solutions will instantly scale with you.

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Secure Connectivity combines four solutions

With our range of network solutions, you can combine SD-WAN and Zero Trust for your hybrid working challenges. Or you can bring together Cloud Firewall and Zero Trust, to help protect you from the ever-growing threat landscape. Compared to current prices, SD-WAN can also help you reduce costs while increasing your reliability. This family of solutions is ideal for enterprise networks. 

You can cherry-pick what managed services and technologies are right for you and your business needs. Or, for great value, you can combine all four in one single-point package. The choice is up to you. 

  • Managed WAN
  • Managed SD-WAN
  • Managed Cloud Firewall
  • Managed Zero Trust

Will Managed WAN be a good fit for you? Yes, if…

You’re an organisation with more than one location

Where your end users and customers need to pass data across different sites.

You have multiple locations serving different purposes and needs

For example, if you run a data centre serving 50 locations, you’d need guaranteed bandwidth.

Some of your offices or places of work are rural or remote

You might need satellite or mobile connectivity.

You’re suffering with infuriating slow speeds

Or you don’t have great availability.

Will Managed SD-WAN be a good fit for you? Yes, if…

Your business needs change so your networking solutions need to be flexible

You might need to change bandwidth quickly or you have to set up for an event you’re running. For example, a roadshow travelling to 30 cities – SD-WAN travels with you.

You don’t want to get weighed down by technical wizardry

You’re not a network engineer, you simply want to make the most of how those things work. We promise you don’t need to know as much as you would if you were setting up a traditional WAN.

You want (or need) to set up a new office quickly

You can set up your managed network services in days, so your business can be up and running in no time.

You want your data to get to where it needs to be

You want to know it’s moving safely, especially if you’re using broadband.

Will a Managed Cloud Firewall be a good fit for you? Yes, if…

Your in-house team has limited technical knowledge

With our managed services we’ll step in with the knowledge, technologies and tools to keep you secure.

You don’t want to be the risk owner

Let us worry about the detail. It’s part of the managed network service to understand your networking needs and make sure you’re protected.

You don’t want to load up on hardware

Save space and money. You don’t need to worry about power or a piece of kit breaking (or being able to fix it).

Security is a priority

When you need network services in the cloud connected to your network to be watertight.

Will Managed Zero Trust be a good fit for you? Yes, if

Your people are operating remotely

Working in places like coffee shops that might not be secure, Zero Trust wraps security around every employee, not matter where they are.

People work from devices that aren’t yours

For example you have freelancers that use their own IT set-up, or have a customer contact centre through home-working. The cost of tens or hundreds of laptops could be crippling compared to buying licences.

You need to know who’s accessing what, and where

You need control of classified docs and corporate information like customer records, card details, contracts…

You strive for simplicity

One application, one username, one password. No faffing about with VPN codes, log ins, authentication and internal IT support.

There’s no stopping us

We understand the threat landscape

Put us to the test and ask us anything about network security challenges, new technologies and cyber threats. We have experience managing networks worldwide, providing connectivity for both international businesses and the public sector alike.

Two decades of managed network service experience

For more than two decades iomart has been designing and managing network services and solutions. As a trusted managed service provider we have the extensive experience you need to connect your people and locations to the data they need. All while remaining protected.

We make complicated technologies straightforward

It’s complex to deploy and administer networks. But our IT people love this stuff (and they’re very good at it). With a keen eye on your network strategy, they’ll keep everything working and optimised. They’re at the end of the phone to banish any technical hiccups and detangle any complexities you might be facing.


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