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The challenges we help with

We need to cut costs on our WAN

Managed SD-WAN saves on expensive routing hardware, making long-term commitments to lease lines, reduces lead time to development, and saves on the cost of having your own in-house network services and engineering team.

Our network traffic is rocketing, we need more bandwidth

With our managed services you can seamlessly add extra circuits from different providers while retaining your current MPLS connection. These short-term circuit contracts mean you can increase your bandwidth and scale up or down as your business needs change.

Downtime is devastating for our business, and everything feels like it’s running at a snail’s pace

We’ll use multiple connections at once to increase the bandwidth you have available to you. If there’s a problem in the underlay network, Managed SD-WAN will skirt around it while our skilled technicians get to work to fix it (so your team can keep doing what they need to).

We’re worried about the security of our corporate network

Our Managed SD-WAN includes security as standard. Every customer site has an advanced firewall to protect users at the same time as giving deep insight into the applications traversing your network. All your business’s WAN traffic is encrypted at every step of its journey.

You’ve not used Cloud before

Managed SD-WAN will help you get started and continue to support your needs as you continue your digital transformation. Managed SD-WAN allows you to access data and applications in the cloud securely. And running SD-WAN in the cloud reduces the amount of time it takes your data to get from the cloud back to your users.

Keeping you securely connected

Management of cloud connectivity is complex. Right now, the vast majority of businesses are using multiple cloud platforms to deliver network services to their end users. You could climb mountains trying to find a managed SD-WAN service provider with the knowledge and experience to connect to and operate a variety of clouds.

We’re at the peak of managed cloud services, with decades of experience.

Our unique take on managed services means we deliver a transparent and straightforward experience, while future proofing your connectivity strategy as you progress through your cloud adoption journey. We make it easy for you to add to your existing cloud (or adopt multiple clouds) at a later date without being tied into and long term and costly telecommunication contracts – giving your business agility as you need it.

A straightforward Managed SD-WAN solution

Being straightforward has been at the core of our managed service design, every step of the way. With our SD-WAN solution, we offer a managed service wrap to meet your business requirements now, and in the future.

What’s included in our managed service

Our SD-WAN managed service includes design, deployment and ongoing maintenance of your wide area network. Managed SD-WAN means our engineers implement custom application and performance policies to deliver a complete view of who and what is passing across your wide area network.

This contextual awareness greatly increases your security through rich visibility of what’s going on in your network. As standard, we also offer 24/7 support and ongoing maintenance, along with continuous upgrades and improvements to your network services.

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Under the hood of our Managed SD-WAN solution

SD-WAN stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Network. So we’re able to manage any network via software (rather than the traditional “in-person” hardware approach). This revolutionary switch to cloud management means we can programme the Wide Area Network (WAN) in ways that were never possible before.


This software-defined management provides the WAN with a level of intelligence not available in traditional networking. SD-WAN has the power to intelligently direct network traffic to deliver increased resilience, quality and performance when compared to traditional networking. SD-WAN does this by continually monitoring the health of the physical network connections that are present (also known as “the underlay”).


Whatever your connectivity challenge, our managed services will keep your business and colleagues connecting, chatting, sending, and receiving. And our experts will monitor, support, and optimise your connection around the clock.

It’s all about the right balance of technology, people, and process

Our Servers


Our 100% iomart-owned national dark fibre network delivers extensive connectivity across the UK and beyond. And it’s supported by the latest partner technology designed specifically for the hybrid cloud era. So, it delivers the perfect balance of features, performance, and cost effectiveness.

woman and man around a laptop next to a server


Our customer team consists of more than 200 passionate service desk technicians and engineers who support our customers with their managed services every single day.  



Our straightforward, managed services are designed to settle any worries you have about securely connecting your people, machines and data so our customers can focus on what’s important to them.

Why iomart

Connectivity without the complexity

Our Managed SD-WAN services take all the complexity off your plate, so you can get on with running your business. We’re the managed service provider that will keep your business connecting, chatting, sending and receiving all while delivering these benefits:  

Rock solid reliability
Because our managed WAN is so good our Managed SD-WAN benefits from that WAN performance. So, you won’t suffer moments of downtime or dips in performance. Smart stuff on top of the WAN that makes the WAN work better.

Always secure
We make sure that no matter where you’re connecting from whether that’s on premise or the cloud, it’s secure.

If you’ve got home workers or remote locations that need to be spun up quickly we can make that happen. Flexible, and reliable.

A step ahead
Our comprehensive event management will notify our engineers of service outages and degradation – so we’ll fix service issues at lightning speed.

Cost effective
Particularly if you can’t afford MPLS circuits and don’t want to trade-off the performance or security of moving to lower cost circuits or connectivity methods. You’ll have predictable connectivity costs.

Support on tap
Our IT experts are at your beck and call 24/7. They’re fully accredited so you’ll get first-class technical support.

Regular updates
We patch and update your virtual infrastructure to mitigate against security vulnerabilities.

Adopt our teams as yours
You won’t have to grow and fund internal teams – lean on our 200+ strong operations teams.

A tick in the regulatory box
We have achieved more regulatory certification than any other service provider in the UK, so we can support your regulatory or compliance requirements. Our cloud services help you achieve and maintain ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus and PCI.

Want to know more, or are you in need of straightforward advice?

Should you build or outsource your SD-WAN?

The age old question (well maybe not age old, but as long as managed service providers have been on the scene) – do we try to do this ourselves?


Or is it more efficient and cost effective to let someone else take the reins?


We’d always advise technology users to choose the managed SD-WAN solution that’s right for them. So we’ve listed out the pros and cons of DIY SD-WAN, co-managed SD-WAN and fully managed SD-WAN services:  



Build and manage yourself


A fully managed service

Build and manage yourself (DIY SD-WAN)

You’ll be in complete control and onsite installation costs should be lower. On the flipside it means you’ll have responsibility end-to-end, so you’ll need to continually manage multiple providers and hire your own specialist network engineers.

Co-manage SD-WAN

There’s more flexibility. You control the areas you can support, and pay for any extra support if/when you need it. The costs of management will still be there, there could be delays managing suppliers, and you’ll still need to hire your own specialist network engineers.

A fully managed SD-WAN service

With fully managed SD-WAN services, you pass the baton to the experts so you can focus on what’s important to you. Let others take care of the management, engineers, and enjoy lower costs and increased efficiency as a result.

Want to know more, or are you in need of straightforward advice?