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The challenges we help with

Our systems are complicated to keep up to date

Zscaler relies on its global network and uses Zero Trust architecture via a SaaS model, tolift the burden of management from your shoulders. That means you can get on with helping your organisation achieve success.

With Zscaler you don’t need to buy, manage or update the kit yourself. That’s because it’s all supplied as part of the service. Ongoing administration is extremely straightforward with fiddly processes, like onboarding or offboarding staff, made very simple with a slick user interface.

Our attack surface is too broad and we’re struggling to keep on top of security threats

The increase in the popularity of hybrid working in recent years means organisations are having to manage a much broader and more complex attack surface.

This means they’re more vulnerable to attack. Zscaler massively reduces an organisation’s overall attack surface. By using advanced threat protection and web filtering it helps protect you against security threats, such as malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

We deal with very sensitive data and need to ensure that it is well protected

By monitoring and controlling access to your data, Zscaler helps you protect your most sensitive and valuable assets. Features such as log retention and reporting make it easier for you to meet your regulatory and compliance obligations.

We’re moving our infrastructure to the cloud and need a compatible approach 

As a cloud-based platform, Zscaler can help you secure your cloud environment and can even make the migration process itself run more smoothly.

Our IT budget is spiralling, and our costs are difficult to manage

Because Zscaler is a service you can be confident that you’ll not need to plan for future, unpredictable overhead costs. It will scale with you as your organisation grows.

We’ve struggled to find software that is reliable and integrates with our systems

Zscaler is a tried and tested ‘best in class’ technology. That means you’re getting the benefit of a huge amount of expertise and experience. That’s a powerful combination when you combine it with our knowledge of your organisation’s existing systems.


Under the Zscaler hood

Zscaler integrates seamlessly with your business, providing an enhanced level of security that will protect your network, no matter where or when your employees choose to work.


It all starts with validating the user’s identity with something they have (their device) and something they are (fingerprint or facial recognition). This is then combined with your organisation’s active directory policy for who has access to what, so that users directly access the required applications and resources and not to the wider network.


This all but eliminates the attack surface, restricting threats to a specific resource or folder rather than allowing lateral movement throughout the network.


Adopting Zero Trust architecture with Zscaler gives you visibility and control while also removing the complexity and cost of managing VPNs, and security infrastructure.

Low maintenance Zero Trust as a service

Whether it’s protecting sensitive data to meet your compliance requirements or supporting your staff to work effectively from the location that suits them best, Zscaler can help you more effectively manage your network security.

Why choose Zscaler?

Perimeter-based firewalls, VPNs and security appliances are fallible. They provide an inconsistent user experience, require full time management and updating and don’t often play nicely with emerging cloud technologies (5G, IoT, AI).

This disrupts digital transformation, slows down growth, irritates users, muddles hybrid working and, worst of all, represents a cyber security risk. Hackers can break into your corporate network and have access to everything by moving laterally within your environment, unrestricted.

Zscaler helps organisations implement a Zero Trust approach, built on the principle that no user, device or app is trusted. You can stop worrying about managing the latest updates and patches too, because it’s all taken care of.

Using powerful tools like web filtering, advanced threat protection and sandboxing Zscaler is an efficient, scalable and effective tool to help protect your organisation and its users against the latest cyber security threats.

Why iomart?

Security without the complexity

We’ll support you at every step along the way. From your first Zscaler experiences right the way through to when you are fully up and running. But it all starts with the calibration. That’s when we’ll work closest with you, making sure that the way Zscaler is set up works perfectly with your existing systems and processes. All while delivering these benefits:

Expertise and experience

As an approved Zscaler reseller iomart has demonstrated a high level of experience and expertise in implementing Zscaler solutions for their customers. This means they have the necessary skills and knowledge to facilitate this solution.

Strong partnership
As a trusted partner, we have direct access to the latest Zscaler, product information, technical support and training. This means we can work with you from the ground up to ensure Zscaler is optimised to specifically suit the needs of your organisation.

We’ll help you achieve success
We’re committed to helping you achieve your goals working hand in glove to identify your specific needs and requirements. This means we can help tailor your Zscaler solution to your unique situation, ensuring you get the maximum possible value from the product.

Support on tap
Our IT experts are at your beck and call 24/7. They’re fully accredited so you’ll get first-class technical support.

Adopt our teams as yours
You won’t have to grow and fund internal teams – lean on our 200+ strong operations teams.

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