Hosting your data

Data Centres across the UK

We own and manage our own UK data centres. We have 13 right now.

They’re incredibly secure – monitored and maintained 24/7 by our team of expert engineers.

So, you’ll always have a safe space to store your data.

And if data sovereignty is important to your business, we’ve got you covered.

Glasgow data centre

Glasgow Data Centre (DC1) - Tier 2

Our Scottish data centre is located approximately 5km from the heart of Glasgow city centre.


It was constructed especially for large-scale server hosting and colocation for our Scotland-based customers.

Central-London- Skyline-Data-Centre

Central London Data Centre (DC2) - Tier 3

Our London data centre, located within the heart of the UK’s centre of global finance, offers an enterprise-class, resilient and highly secure computing environment.

North London Data Centre

North London Data Centre (DC 12) - Tier 2

Our North London data centre is just 6km from central London and provides best-in-class, carrier-neutral collation network connectivity and streaming media satellite services to a large array of clients from its enterprise-grade facility.


Nottingham Data Center (DC3) - Tier 2

Our Nottingham data centre is situated to the west of the city of Nottingham, less than half a kilometre from the main commercial and shopping district.


Leicester Data Centre (DC4) - Tier 2

Our Leicester Data Centre is 1.5 miles north of central Lecister and is spread across two data halls and can arrange 24/7 acesss.


Maidenhead Data Centre (DC5) - Tier 3

Our Maidenhead data centre is situated on a purpose-built site near the centre of the town, offering high-quality, resilient and secure space across eleven data halls.


Located outside the M25 the facility offers high-speed, secure connections to a wide range of Tier 1 national and international carriers.


St. Asaph Data Centre (DC8) - Tier 2

Our data centre in St. Asaph, North Wales, offers local colocation and managed DR services with resilient high-speed connectivity for Wales and the North West of England.

Gosport Hampshire Data Centre

Gosport Hampshire Data Centres (DC9 / DC10) - Tier 2

We operate two data centres in the Gosport area of Hampshire.


These data centres are connected to our other sites across the country via a private fibre ring.


York Data Centre (DC11) - Tier 2

Our York data centre is located less than two miles from the city centre.


Together with our national fibre ring, this allows us to build highly-available hosting solutions for businesses across the North West of England.

Manchester Data Centre

Manchester Data Centres (DC6, DC7, DC13) - Tier 2

Our Manchester data centres are located on a purpose-built technology park, just south of the city centre.


Customers using our Manchester data centres enjoy high-speed secure connections to a wide range of Tier 1 national and international carriers as well as the city’s own dedicated fibre-optic network, The Loop.

Interested in adding your data to one of our centres?