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One number. That’s all your contacts will need to get in touch with you, no matter which device you’re using, or where you are.

What are unified communications?

With the move to a hybrid model of working, fixed desk phones have become something of a relic. So, our unified communications services work with traditional business telephone systems to ensure you’re contactable—from your mobile, your laptop or your tablet.

Fixed Voice

Fixed Voice is a cost-effective and reliable alternative to traditional ISDN analogue line calling. Plus, it’s compatible with all leading business telephone systems.

Fixed Voice means your telephone system can be on-premise, located in our partner’s network, or a combination of the two for added resilience and flexibility.

  • Save money on calls and line rental
  • Compatible with business networks and apps
  • Scale up and down when you need to
  • Resilience built in

Microsoft Teams

Rooted in our partner's network and as a cloud-based alternative to ISDN, Microsoft Teams offers businesses the ability to make and receive calls with enhanced control features, provided at a competitive price, as a complete cloud solution.

  • Access to advanced call statistics
  • Agile working
  • Number porting
  • Access to education community

Cloud voice

Cloud Voice is another cloud-based business telephone service accessed through an easy-to-use web portal. The system can be personalised for your organisation to account for changing situations and hybrid working conditions. Plus, it’s suitable for any size of business looking to improve its productivity and streamline processes.

Cloud Voice has all the same features you’re used to on your legacy telephone system, but moves all of this to the cloud to generate an easier setup experience and inifinite scalability without expensive hardware.

  • Make your workplace more productive
  • Your choice of device
  • One number anywhere
  • On-demand service with no hidden costs

You just relax, we make it work.

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Talk with your teams and customers; no fuss, no hassle

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Resilience built in

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Increase or reduce the service as needed

They trust us, and they tell the best stories.

I felt that the iomart team were standing right by me and that meant a lot. It would have been completely impossible to have delivered what we delivered with Covid and everything else, without the support we had from them.

Ben Goward
Director of ICT

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By finding the right partner and investing in the right technologies, we’ve completely transformed the organisation’s way of working, and delivered savings from investment.

Matthew Green
Director of Technology and Data

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