On Thursday the 15th September, we invited our customers to an evening of good food, conversation and drinks – with a twist.

Hearing from our favourite white hat hacker

With iomart’s strong focus on security operations, we invited our favourite white-hat hacker, Jamie Woodruff to The Savings Bank in Glasgow. He told our guests his story. And how he came to hack the likes of Facebook, Twitter and the Kardashian’s at a very young age.

He turned his hand to hacking at just 11 and was caught by authorities at age 13. Pretty young for a life-changing moment! But Jamie turned things around and now uses his specialist skill set to help organisations combat cyber security challenges.

Here’s what some of our customers and guests had to say:

“Amazing, great to get along and be invited. Really opens your mind in how others do things in the business world.”

“Thank you very much again for the Invite, it was amazing and I really enjoyed every moment of it getting to know Derek and Stuart who were beside me at the table.”

“Very interesting from Jamie’s talk its very relatable in how he grew up compared to myself with tinkering away fixing, breaking. Analysing more and more was fascinating I have to see thank you again.”

Cyber security insights on the night

On the night, our customers and guests shared their cyber security insights too. Which led to fascinating discussions around:

  • the digital landscape & social behaviours
  • how hackers scam products with dry ice and bags of flour
  • how eerily easy it is to access someone’s Mastercard data
  • the fast-evolving world of hacking innovations (body modification chips are the new emerging trick)
  • people being the biggest threat vector (ask us about malware hidden inside vape pen chargers)
  • leveraging Advisory Skills through the MSP’s & Education being paramount.

Some photos from the evening

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