A match made in heaven - why partnering makes more sense than ever in 2022

Lennon and McCartney, Laurel and Hardy, Batman and Robin, Shearer and Ferdinand. History is littered with great partnerships. Pairings that worked well for both parties and brought about some wonderful results. But that relationship has to be mutual – would Stan have been as funny without Oliver? Would The Beatles have worked without John?

Perfect duos aren’t just reserved for music, film and sport though. Businesses often work together to achieve a collective goal too. And we’ve been part of many successful partnerships in the last 20 years.

No better time to become an iomart partner

The last couple of years have clearly been incredibly tough for businesses around the world.
And it feels like now, more than ever, effective partnerships can be massively beneficial.

In short, there has never been a better time to become an iomart partner.

But why are partnerships so important?

Loads of reasons to be honest…

  • Broaden your available products – We can help our partners achieve truly sustainable growth by increasing the depth of products they are able to offer their customers. This allows them to be more of a one stop shop, able to cater for the ever changing requirements their customers have.
  • Create the perfect blend – Like those Lindt truffles with half milk and half white chocolate, a good partnership combines the best of two worlds. Continuous communication can combine the expertise and infrastructure that iomart brings with your intimate knowledge of your end users.
  • Increased revenue opportunities – We always look to work closely with our partners to help generate new, high recurring revenue streams. It’s our objective to provide our partners with the tools they need to best serve their customer base. That way everyone is happy.
  • Support all the way – Just like Bernie was for Elton (anyone else watch Rocketman during lockdown?) we’ll be there for you through the good times and the not so good times. Even when things aren’t going your way, we’ll help you bridge the gap and turn things around.

What it means to be an iomart partner

For well over 20 years we’ve been successfully working with our partners to help them grow revenue and win new business.

Like all the best dynamic duos our partnerships are based on mutual trust, expertise and the creation of strong relationships.

We work with the world’s best tier 1 vendors. So you can rest assured you’ll have access to the latest technology and services.

We’re great partners to work with – here’s why

We’re all about the support. We want to work together with you to develop the full sales cycle. Our dedicated partner team will support you through the entire process.

You can grow revenue by selling the most comprehensive portfolio of cloud services available, fully supported by us (teamwork makes the dream work, right?)

And that support isn’t just on a technical level either – oh no. Embracing the sales, technical and marketing teams should all be part of the mix for any successful partnership. Whether that be through financial incentives, technical training, creating newsworthy case studies or joining you at events.

We’re experienced and have worked with organisations of all different shapes and sizes. In short, we’re ready for anything.

And here’s our evidence…

We maintain a 24/7 managed service desk so we’re always there to help you support your customers no matter the hour.

We deliver end to end SLAs. And have the infrastructure to do almost everything in house. We own 11 UK data centres as well as more than 25 international sites. We also have 2500km of dark fibre network. This means we never need to pass the ball and can look after all of your customers’ needs with our own owned infrastructure.

Why become a partner now?

It has been a tough period for a lot of businesses and many are still struggling to keep their heads above water. It’s not all bad news though, as the future for resellers and partners looks bright, with the market on course surpass pre-pandemic levels in 2022.

With more and more employers committing to hybrid working, the industry looks likely to grow further. What was once seen as a COVID related necessity, is now increasingly looking like a trend that’s here to stay. And with a more permanent shift to working from home comes an ever increasing threat to systems which means cyber security is also high on the agenda.

Related to this change is an increased IT infrastructure spend, more or less across the board. With more reliance on hosted and cloud based solutions, these products and services will be front of mind for decision makers.

With strong growth anticipated this year many of our existing partners are looking to speak to more diverse businesses. These businesses will naturally have a broad range of requirements. And that’s where we can help. Our expertise, experience and infrastructure make us the perfect partners (even if we do say so ourselves!).

Have we piqued your interest? Thinking about becoming the Jay Z to our Beyoncé? Fill out our partners form here