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Cloud Storage

Flexible and secure solutions to meet any storage requirements

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File Sync & Share – based on CTERA

Traditional IT infrastructures are no longer suitable to meet the current demands for file sharing across organisations. Enterprise File Sync & Share meets those needs.

Easy file sharing across the organisation

Drag and Drop functionality allows collaboration across teams with role-based access controls, read/write privileges and time-limited sharing.

Access files anywhere

Synchronise files and folders to and from our cloud, making them readily accessible on users devices, even when offline.

Fully secure solution

Data held in secure and accredited data centres with client-side and data at rest encryption – significantly more secure than consumer cloud apps.

EMC GeoDrive

Provides fast, simple and instant access to the iomart Atmos Cloud Storage Archive solutions, behaving as a local storage location to end users.

Instant access

Creates a local Windows drive or Linux access point – users can simply drag and drop files into the cloud.

Simple to use

Runs in your native environment so no learning curve or special skills required to use.

Disconnected mode

Can still be used even when offline or disconnected – will sync any changes when the connection is re-established.

OpenStack Swift Object Storage Platform

The perfect solution for organisations with large IT estates, specifically designed to operate on multiple end point devices. Store large data volumes efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.

Unlimited capacity

With our own network of data centres, we hold petabytes of data for some of the world’s biggest brands – flex your storage up as you need.

Inbuilt resiliency

All data is copied to multiple locations with the iomart network, ensuring your data is always recoverable.

Predictable billing model

Clear cost per GB/month – only pay for what you use – no hidden surprises at the end of the month.

CTERA Cloud Storage Gateway

This option provides local network storage combined with an asynchronously replicated off-site cloud storage element. The CTERA Gateway is ideal for single site organisations.

Local storage with incremental deduplicated replication to the cloud

Reduce latency by keeping primary storage on site – also satisfies any regulatory requirements.

Web access to stored files and folders

Users can access their files from any web accessible device and locally using a Virtual Cloud Drive.

Rapid service establishment

The CTERA Gateway can be setup and configured in minutes.

Panzura Global Cloud Storage System

Truly enterprise grade solution with the most advanced multi-site and multi-user environment available – meets the storage needs of even the largest organisations

Centrally manage storage capacity

Central operating system allows easy performance scaling to meet demand and automatically monitors system for faults without compromising end user experience.

Data deduplication

Ensure only unique files are stored, minimising the storage required and therefore reducing the costs.

Military-grade encryption

On top of the inbuilt security of the iomart network, this multi-layered solution results in greater security that simply using a corporate firewall.

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Our management teams work tirelessly to ensure we meet rigorous international standards for information security, business continuity, environmental management and energy management.

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