We understand the challenges faced by the legal sector

We understand the complex and varied challenges faced by the legal sector.

Managing and coordinating access across multiple locations, ensuring secure data access, adhering to compliance and integrating new technology into existing systems can be time-consuming and frustrating.

With your focus fully on providing the best possible legal representation to clients, administrative and technical challenges can feel incredibly frustrating (and time draining).

That’s where we can help.

Our team can help you to deploy cost-effective IT solutions and infrastructure to improve speed, accuracy, and security across your firm.



Cloud Support

We help you choose the best place to store your data, either in the Public Cloud, our Managed Private Cloud, on your own On-Premise or something in between, known as Hybrid Cloud.


Partnering with world-class vendors such as Microsoft Azure, Dell, and Cohesity, means our solutions are unpinned with the very best technology. 


Data Management

Data management helps you comply with regulations, win cases, organise client information, maintain client trust, and improve operational efficiency. So you need robust and reliable data backup and recovery protocols in place.


We offer full data planning, backup and recovery as a service. Meaning you can be safe in the knowledge your data is protected, backed up, and recoverable if disaster strikes.

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Secure Connectivity

As legal industry trends and client expectations evolve, the way you connect and manage devices, networks, and client data is changing.


We can help establish comprehensive cybersecurity policies, implement robust authentication protocols, and deploy technology to safeguard networks and systems. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing your IT infrastructure and client data are secure.


Digital Workplace

Clients and staff expect seamless access to information and communication through the use of cloud-based software and mobile applications. With remote access, you can streamline processes such as client onboarding, document management and case tracking.


This not only improves the level of service you provide but also leads to cost savings across your IT systems.

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How iomart can help

1. streamline communication between teams and your clients

2. protect your data from cyber attacks

3. ensure your data is fully backed up, safely and securely

4. maintain compliance across your firm

5. automate administrative IT processes

6. increase efficiency and reduce costs.


“iomart’s consultants have been fundamental to every aspect – the design work, the delivery, the management of third parties – they’ve architected the whole thing with our internal team.” Andy Beech Head of IT Systems, Farrer & Co. farrerco

Expert Advice

Oxford Economics Cyber Security Report 2022/23 - Legal Sector

We partnered with Oxford Economics and surveyed 500 UK cyber security decision-makers, and segmented our findings to the legal sector so you can understand how your peers are navigating an incredibly challenging threat landscape. And in some cases, how they’re using cyber security as a business enabler.

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